1 of 2 new GEARS writers: Caleb

Atticus, invited me to write a few Gears of Guns blogs to offer an engineers’ viewpoint of firearms.  Here is a bit of an introduction about me, so that you can get to know who is writing. I am an engineering student in Texas, and I have a love for all things that make a bang (or anything that would suppress things that make bangs for that matter). I pride myself in my ability to critically think and to both understand and design complex mechanical systems, and I am hoping to provide something of an engineers’ perspective on how things work, and if they work well,  with my articles.

I was asked to choose a few of my favorite firearms to include in my introductory post, but honestly I’m not entirely sure I could choose. There are so many amazing firearms out there that I would have to fire them all side by side before I could ever chose a true favorite. If I was forced to choose two of my most liked firearms I would have to go for two-time proven models. The Colt 1911 and the AK-47. Neither gun is the best at everything, but both are amazingly engineered and deserve recognition for it. I expect to be able to go into more details on my personal preferences and “professional” opinions on individual firearms in the following months.

I’m Caleb, and hopefully I’ll be hanging around for a while.

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