.50 GI conversion for the Glock 21

I sat down yesterday to write about the .40 vs. 10mm round but I seem to have found myself in a writers block when it came to that so I flipped through my list of what I wanted to talk on this blog and I saw that I had dated the .50 GI conversion for my Glock with todays date so I guess I should just listen to myself and white this post.


Guncrafter Industries designed a slide and barrel for the Glock 20/21 to fire their .50 GI round.


This round is just slightly larger than the .45 ACP but is not as much brass and powder behind the round as the .500 S&W or the .50 AE

                               (Source: Wikipedia)

.50gi - .50ae - .500s&wmag
           Left to right .50GI – .50AE – .500 S&W

It is a smaller round but it gives the Glock family a cousin in the .50s.


Just something fun to think about.

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