Aaron – 3D printers and guns


You may, or may not have heard much about 3D printers. In the instance of making firearms it has become a full fledge movement. This is truly astounding new technology. The idea of having a 3D printer, going to your computer and with a couple clicks you’re printing out a gun. An idea not even yet perceived in movies is now a reality. What could this mean for future gun laws, restrictions or crime associated with these plastic homemade weapons? Well nobody can say for certain. What this could do in fact is is lower the cost of a working, say AR-15. A company named defense distributed has created 3D printed gun dubbed the Liberator. 15 of its 16 parts are made from plastic from the printer including the barrel which they treated with acetone to reduce friction. The only part not printed was a small nail from a hardware store used as the firing pin. The almost all plastic gun has been fired with the only signs of damage coming from the pin that holds the barrel into the body. As the knowledge and know how of anything 3D printed expands in the up coming years, there’s no telling where it could end up.

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