Aaron–Slide fire stock

Technology advances in firearm accessories can make owning your gun more fun.  A great example is the slidefire stock.  This addition can take your ability to shoot rapidly to a whole new level.  This simple add on to your current firearm allows you to fire up to 900 rounds per minute.

The slide fire stock is made from plastic or polymer and fits where the stock fits in place and pistol grip without any further manipulation to the rifle. Once installed, your trigger finger fits over a bridge with an open slot in the middle for the trigger to be able to slide through. With your forward hand you apply forward pressure to the weapon and the trigger will come through the slot where your finger is bridged and gets pushed. The gun will fire with tapped succession while forward pressure is still being applied with your forward hand. The stock doesn’t move but actually the firearm slides within the stock and allows for 900 round per minute rapid fire. This action is called bump firing.


Bump firing is the act of using the recoil of a semi-auto firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession,  which closely mimics a full automatic firearm. So this just about allows you to have a full automatic firearm without paying the tens of thousands in purchasing one. No dealings with any law enforcement agency because this stock has been approved by the ATF and has a copy of the approval letter on the company websitewww.slidefire.com.

There are two settings while using this stock. The setting to bump fire shoot and the other to immobilize the sliding movement and to just shoot semi-auto. For this brand they have bump style stocks for the AR platform rifles, AK style rifles, M&P 15/22, Saiga shotguns, and 10/22 rifles.

The type of trigger you have does matter. The best trigger for these stocks are the standard factory mil-spec triggers. Slide fire has found recurring issues with match style triggers. Also, two-stage or very light triggers have a tendency to cause light primer strikes and inconsistent trigger reset.

Along with the trigger problems with non mil-spec triggers, the firearm used would acquire far more wear and tear because of the rapid fire having far more rounds being shot in a shorter amount of time.

On an obvious note, rapid fire will also heat up the firearm exponentially and there is a small risk of unintentionally “cooking off” a round. With the ability of firing 900 rounds per minute with this stock, you may want to buy a lot more ammo.

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