FN Five-seveN

FN Five-seveN


– Caliber: 5.7x28mm
– Action: Semi Auto only
– Twist Rate: 1 in 9”
– Barrel Length: 4.75”
– Height: 5.7”
– Width: 1.4”
– Barrel Length: 4.80”
– Overall Length: 8.2”
– Weight: 20.8 oz. empty
– Magazine: 20- or 10-round magazines
– Integrated accessory rail for mounting tactical lights or lasers
– Reversible magazine release button
– Ambidextrous manual safety levers
– Hammer-forged, chrome lined barrel
– Choice of adjustable three dot target sights or fixed C-More Systems™ day or night combat sights

The Five-seveN was introduced in 1998 and FN restricted purchase to military and law enforcement only due in part to the rounds ability to penetrate body armor when using certain rounds. In 2004 FN released the pistol to the public (with non body armor round) and has been increasingly popular ever since.


L-R .223, 5.7x28mm, 9mm, .22LR

The Five-seveN was designed around the same time as the FN P90 which also uses the 5.7.
The standard NATO pistol round is the 9mm.
NATO began testing the 5.7 and the 4.6x30mm from 2002 – 2003 to replace the 9x19mm round, NATO recommended the 5.7 over the 4.6 however standardization of the round was stopped for reasons unknown to me at this time.
The 5.7x28mm round is half the size , produced a 2/3 less recoil compared to the 9mm and certain rounds have the ability to penetrate Type IIA body armor which the 9mm can’t.

The .50 BMG

The .50 BMG


L-R: .50BMG, .30-06, .308WIN

BMG stands for Browning Machine Gun. This round was designed by John M. Browning around 1900.  He had the idea for the round during World War I for the need of an anti-aircraft weapon.

The round is a scaled-up .30-06 bullet in design. I am not going to talk much more history on this round because I simply don’t feel like it.

This round has had its hand in everything from being mounted to airplanes and helicopters and Humvee to being used in Sniper Rifles.


The M2 .50BMG a.k.a.   “Ma Deuce’”


Barrett M82

This round held the worlds longest confirmed kill by Carlos Hathcock in Vietnam War and then his record was beat by Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong in 2002 with a McMillan Tac-50 using some US military .50BMG rounds he was given after running out of the rounds he carried out with him.

The McMillan Tac-50’s record was beat in 2009 with a L115A3 Long Range Rifle rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum.

10mm vs. .40 S&W

10mm vs. .40 S&W


Left to right: 10mm, .40S&W

My father purchased the contents of a storage building a few years back and as I was helping him clean out the building and empty the boxes I found a few boxes of 10mm rounds. being someone who collects different rounds I come across I put a few in my collection and put the rest of the rounds in my safe.

The 10mm and the .40 are very similar in most every way but in length of the case (brass).


Left to right: 10mm, .40S&W

The .40 s&w was designed after The FBI tested the 9mm and the .45ACP to replace their  .38 spl revolver with a semi auto pistol because it could carry more rounds and would be easier to reload in the field. during the testing the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Firearms Training Unit John Hall  included the 10mm round, using his personal Colt Delta Elite 10mm semi-automatic pistol.

The FBI contracted Smith & Wesson to design a handgun to FBI specifications, based on the existing large-frame S&W 4506 .45 ACP handgun.They found that the could use less powder and still meet the velocity specifications and They also found that by shorten the 10mm case enough it would fit within their medium-frame 9mm handguns.

Smith and Wesson teamed up with Winchester to develop the .40 S&W and when the gun and ammo was released it was an immediate success with both law enforcement and the general public.


Left to right: 10mm, .40 S&W (charts from Wiki)

And if you have a bullet or a gun you would let to see featured here Contact us and let us know.

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AR Magazine Lock

AR Magazine Lock


I was talking to someone the other night about the AR platform and they were asking my take on the rifle and how far it has come since its introduction into the US military in 1963 and long story short he asked about locking the gun up and after talking a bit about a gun safe he asked about locking the weapon itself up so it couldn’t be loaded with a magazine.

Now this got me thinking about the locks on the market I had seen and most of the ones I had looked at were cable locks and so I figured I would look and see what was out there for the AR and this was one I liked for the shear fact it slides into the mag well and also blocks the barrel from loading of a round.


This is the GunVault AR MagVault Rifle Lock. the price online isn’t bad and I like that is a bright orange so it is clearly visible when the weapon is just sitting there.

M1911 (and variances)

M1911 (and variances)


1. Colt

2. S&W

3. Strayer

4. Springfield armory

5. Kimber

6. Taurus

7. Remington

8. Rock island armory

9. Desert eagle

10. Norinco

11. Wilson combat

12. Dan Wesson

13. Nighthawk custom

14. Volkmann combat custom

15. Iver Johnson

16. Ithaca

17. Browning

18. Para ordnance

19. Firestorm

20. STI

21. Matt Davis

22. Charles Daly

23. Rock river

24. Auto ordnance

25. RIA

26. Sigarms

27. Guncrafters industries


28. Umarex

29. C.o. arms

30. Imbel (mdl / M973)

31. Molina

32. Reeder custom gun

33. ATI

34. Les baer

35. IDPA

36. Ed brown

37. Turnbull

38. Cylinder and slide

39. Double star

40. Armscor

41. Jardines custom

42. Hunter custom

43. Safri arms

44. Metro arms

45. Tussey custom

46. Enterprise arms

47. MP express

48. Citadel

49. Caspian

50. Regent

51. American classic

52. JB custom

53. High standard

54. MEU

This is just a list I composed yesterday if you know of more companies who make the 1911 please leave us a comment

Margolin MT

Margolin MT



Here is the Russian Margolin MT .22LR.

If you look at the sights on this weapon they might look funny for a pistol but this is a specialist target pistol and so the back sights adjust for windage and the front is to adjust for elevation. (the front is a muzzlebreak)

This was designed by the blind Russian designer Mikhail Margolin.

Browning invector bps special steel

Browning invector bps special steel

I have been spending a lot of time giving all the love to the rifles and pistols lately that the shot gun has felt a little left out.

My first shotgun was a Browning invector bps 20 gauge and it is a BEAUTIFUL gun! IMG_2823

As you can see the ejector port isn’t on the right side nor is it on the left which makes this a very nice gun for me when I got out to the range with my Father who is left handed because it ejects on the bottom as well as loads.

I have shot a good number of shot guns over the years and I have even run a few Shotgun ranges and of all the guns I have come across and had the opportunity to shoot this had been one of the smoothest pump actions I had handled.

Gauge: 20

Magazine Capacity: 4

Barrel Length: 22″

Overall Length: 42 1/2″

Weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.

Chamber Size: 3″