Brothers in Competition

My brother and I have recently gotten into shooting. Right now we’re into the tactical guns because they’re so much fun to customize. We’ve both spent a lot of time working out exactly the way we want our guns to look. Since we’ve started we’ve gotten into a lot of discussions about what accessories we need in order to have a killer setup. I’m still convinced that having a good tactical sight is the key to making your gun not only look good but perform well.

We’ve been customizing our guns like it’s a competition. Brothers are natural rivals, right? If I got a sling then he would have to get a custom magazine or handguard rail. So I needed to find the right accessory to trump him. He had just bought a flip-up sight so I thought I’d get something to make my gun stand out a little more.

As far as sights go, we are both big fans of the red dot styles. You can pick up your target much easier than using traditional sights. It’s nice to be able to clearly see your target and where you are aiming. I’m not a big fan of scopes as I feel like the bigger ones make my gun feel clumsy, but I wanted something that would be easy to use and would magnify a little for the longer distance shots. My dad always used Burris scopes on his guns so I figured I’d start there.

I found the perfect combination in a Burris red dot sight. It has 3x magnification which is perfect for the distances I plan on shooting. It looks really nice on my SIG556. Best of all it still has the red dot reticle that I was looking for. It still has some nice cross hairs so it’s even easier to get zeroed. I took my brother out to the range and showed it to him; I could tell that he was trying to hide his jealousy. I let him shoot it a few times and he gave in and said it was pretty awesome. Now he has a Burris red dot sight of his own.


[Written by Calin Hess]

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