Browning invector bps special steel

I have been spending a lot of time giving all the love to the rifles and pistols lately that the shot gun has felt a little left out.

My first shotgun was a Browning invector bps 20 gauge and it is a BEAUTIFUL gun! IMG_2823

As you can see the ejector port isn’t on the right side nor is it on the left which makes this a very nice gun for me when I got out to the range with my Father who is left handed because it ejects on the bottom as well as loads.

I have shot a good number of shot guns over the years and I have even run a few Shotgun ranges and of all the guns I have come across and had the opportunity to shoot this had been one of the smoothest pump actions I had handled.

Gauge: 20

Magazine Capacity: 4

Barrel Length: 22″

Overall Length: 42 1/2″

Weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.

Chamber Size: 3″

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