Caleb RETURNS… with a rail gun!

Hello again Gears of Guns crew! I have been away for a while, and have gotten completely out of the habit of writing in the time that I have been away. It seems like a good idea to reintroduce myself with an article on something I am both passionate about and have some experience in and I noticed that there was a lack of content on GoG on this particular topic. What about future weapons? We won’t always use gunpowder and lead to pummel our targets. One notable new technology the US Navy is researching is called a rail gun. Rail guns swap out our traditional powder loads for an incredibly high current electrical discharge releasing up to 33 megaJoules of energy, that’s 33 million Joules. Compare that to an AK-47s ~2000 joules or even to a howitzers million Joule muzzle energy and you may start to understand just how much damage such a weapon could unleash. Although I have dabbled with electromagnetic acceleration, it is difficult to launch something farther than a few meters on a college kid budget. For the real show, take a look at some footage of the project itself. The first is more educational. the second video is where things start getting really interesting. I would write a bit more in depth, but due to a time crunch, I will instead plan on following this article up in a future post. Hope you guys enjoy the videos!


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