Call to Action in the Firearms Industry: New Guns vs New Designs

What is new in the gun industry? Are we seeing new guns or just new designs to make the gun look new? Atticus puts a call out to the Makers in the industry, the dreamers and the designers to dig deep and invent! Dare to be different. Dare to dream something new. Make.

We spent all last year reviewing the Windham Project.  This was something new that we could get excited about.  One purchase with multiple calibers.  What can you guys dream?  Is this what you are thinking too?

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  • Pierre Cantin

    I would like to know if You think the new 101 available now in 2017 is still a very good all around shotgun. I am planning to get one here in Quebec, Canada for grouse hunting but also turkey hunting. I am looking for a 28 inches barel. I have learned that the 2017 winchester 101 field is build in Belgium but assembled in an other country (Portugal, I think ) . Iwill bw a gift to myself form my retirement, I am 60 eayrs old but I thinkI can carry 7 pounds gun .