Video: The Guns We Use From 10 To 50 Yards on Our AR500 Steel Plate From MK Machining

MK Machining


Before we get to the review of the plate and the video, I would like to share the chance for you to get some free steel of your very own from MK Machining. Shoot an email and let them know Atticus sent you!


First I would like to say thank you to MK Machining for shipping us out this 66% IPSC AR500 3/8” thick steel plate for this review.



As most of you know, I prefer to shoot steel while I am reviewing guns so you can hear the hits. Rather than trying to publish an “ad” for MK Machining, I wanted to share the guns that we like to shoot from 10 to 50 yards at the steel.


I like to base all of my AR500 3/8 thick steel safety against this instruction list right here.

This list is the bible when it comes to shooting this steel. It clearly out-lines what you shouldn’t do.

8. 3/8” thick targets are intended for use with handgun, rifle, and supersonic rimfire cartridges as well as shotgun birdshot, buckshot and slugs only at appropriate distances described below.
9. 15 yards is the minimum shooting distance when using non-magnum class handgun, supersonic .22LR rimfire, and shotgun birdshot ammunition.
10. 25 yards is the minimum shooting distance when using shotgun buckshot.
11. 50 yards is the minimum shooting distance when using magnum class handgun ammunition, and shotgun slugs.
12. 100 yards is the minimum shooting distance when using standard rifle ammunition under 2,500 fps upon impact and less than 3000 ft/lb of energy upon impact.
13. 250 yards is the minimum shooting distance when using magnum class rifle ammunition under 2,500 fps upon impact and less than 3000 ft/lb of energy upon impact.




As you can see in the video, we shoot everything from .22LR up to .300BLK and 7.62x39mm at a safe distance. I also said in the video that 5.56/.223 is a 100 yard minimum safe distance round and when it comes to my .308s and the long barrels even that can be 150-200 yard for safe shooting.


AR500 is a common steel and a great thing to have on your range and you can find it from great manufactures like


Steel can be dangerous but with the right guidelines and proper care, steel can be your greatest shooting ally.



Steel after shooting from 10-50 yards

Video: My Love of Lever Guns

Hickok45 today posted a second chapter of his Winchester Model 92 lever gun. This brings up the FEELS for me because of my love of lever action guns. If you have never had the opportunity to fire one they are well worth pulling the trigger on. Even with my love of technology and new guns and ARs and all the cool extras you can do to them, there is just something deeply satisfying about running a .45-70 or .357 or .30-30 in a lever action. Rant over.
You can see our review of the Henry .357 Big Boy Steel below.

My love of Lever actions


SHOT SHOW 2017: Industry Day at the Range Video

SHOT Show stands for Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show, it is held at the Sands Convention Center at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV, USA. It is a private INDUSTRY ONLY show. As media, we are invited to come out and see all the new firearms in the Industry so we may bring you the viewer new content.  This video is from Industry Day, also known as Media Day.  This is our “first day” where we get to shoot all different firearms, ammo, accessories, etc.  It is a really fun day to try many different types of firearms from skeet shooting to full auto.  Tomorrow starts the first official day of the trade show.

CGI: Magnum Research Edition

This week on Cool Guns of The Internet: Today’s post is brought to you by Beastly Desert Eagle. If you have a firearm you would like us to post in next weeks CGI all you have to do is send us a picture of your firearms via email, at “” and we’ll post it! But tell us what the firearm is and for more flavor, tell us a story about the gun like a funny hunting trip, or a sentimental story about the gun! Make it as detailed as possible! And let us know who you are if you want photo credit!CGI Desert Eagle357 Desert Eagle and 357 S&W RevolverTiger Stripe Desert EaglesDesert EagleShiny Desert Eagle .50 AEDual Desert Eagle .50 AEGray Desert Eagle .50 AEGold Engaved Desert Eagle Wicked Grips Come and Take It Desert Eagle
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