Sawed-off shotguns

Sawed-off shotguns

[ does not suggest or recommend altering the barrel of any shotgun]

sawed off

In the past few years I have had the opportunities to shoot 2 different sawed off shotguns.

A 10 gauge (legal) 18” barrel shotgun and a 20 gauge with an over 18’” barrel

The 10 gauge has been used as a slug gun (firing only 10 gauge slugs) to blow up 5 gallon buckets of water. Also for demonstration of the slugs in courses teaching about shotguns and clay pigeon shooting.

The 20 gauge we use in clay shooting  but due to the modification of sawing off the barrel the shotgun no longer is threaded for a choke. without the choke it allows for the shot to spread wider and faster than with a choke causing in turn the gun be less than accurate when shooting the clay.

The 20 gauge wasn’t sawn off straight and the shot fires out of the gun leading a bit to the left and the dispersion pattern makes it a hard gun for shooting clay. A gunsmith might be able to correct all the problems by re-cutting and threading the barrel for a choke but just as a home defense shotgun it is fine.

Gears of guns does not recommend shorting shotguns or altering the weapon. Check state and local laws before altering a shotgun or any weapon. Any alterations to the mechanics or barrel of any weapon it is recommended that it should only be done by gunsmiths.

[Special thanks to DJ for sending us this]

Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shotgun

Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shotgun

Sangreiti who is one of out friends here at Gears of Guns sent us this link from if the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shotgun
(Click the link above to see all the pictures)


This is a Mossberg 500 Pump action with

  • two side saddles for quick reloading (and a total shotgun carrying capacity of 19 — the shotgun itself holds 7+1) containing cartridges with bird shot, 00 buck shot, slugs and signal flares.
  • a 5″ bayonet knife mounted to the barrel
  • a tactical flashlight/compass combo mounted to the barrel
  • a hollow buttstock containing an emergency survival kit with baking pan, trash bag, fishing kit, 2 non-lubricated condoms (for water storage, NOT f***ing zombies), water purification taps, reflective survival blanket (which not be the best idea considering zombies love shiny things), a small first-aid kit, Carmex lip balm, a whistle, small Bic lighter and snare wire
  • a hollow vertical grip containing a small fire-starting kit (matches, striker, steel wool, WetFire brand fire starting material)
  • a hollow pistol grip containing a multi-tool
  • a saw that can be attached between the buttstock and gun handle for cutting down wood
  • a braided paracord gun sling
  • American flag bandana
  • custom plaque




(Click the link above to see all the pictures)

[special thanks to geekologie and Sangreiti

Pink guns PT.2

Pink guns PT.2


I recently did a post on Pink guns and I was emailed by one of our readers presenting the problem they see with pink guns or any bright “fun” colored guns and that is they believe it will make children see guns as toys and they will not show the proper respect to the gun.

Please leave us a comment, I would like you hear about your thoughts behind “fun” colored guns like this.