Name this gun: BCM Europearms CM4 Storm



Calibers available: 9mm Luger, 9×21 IMI, .40 S&W
Barrel Length : 6.8inches including muzzle device (175mm)
Overall length: 15.5 inches (395mm)
Weight: 5.2 Pounds (2400g)

Versions available:
CM4 (Carbine)
PM4 (Pistol)

The BCM Europearms PM4 Storm semi-automatic carbine is designed in Italy and has its roots based in the Spectre M4 which was developed by the Italian company SITES in 1980s. This firearm was designed by the same people who designed the Spectre M4 (seen below).

SITES (Società Italiana Tecnologie Speciali S.p.A.) Spectre M4

The BCM Europearms PM4 Storm was designed for the civilian and security markets. The availability outside of Italy is unclear to at this time.

The platform does not have a manual safety since the firearm uses its own proprietary  SA/DA trigger group. The first trigger pull will always be double action only and each subsequent trigger pull will be single action similar to that of a revolvers SA/DA trigger.

MSRP for the pistol is 1200 euro and 1400 euro for the carbine. 


Gifts for the Gals

With the holidays quickly approaching I know you are starting to think about what to get the women in your life for the holidays. Good news, your search is over! Personally I celebrate Christmas and would love to see any of the items in the article under my tree, so I know the gal shooters in your life will love this stuff.

While doing research one night I came across The Well Armed Women, and they have some very beautiful jewelry that any woman, shooter or not, would absolutely love. I know I do! For the shotgun shooter in your life, look into getting her a “Shot Through the Heart” brass or silver heart pendant with a Winchester 28 gauge shotgun shell, gun and heart charm for $49.99!


So I am so excited about the next product! Urban Moxy is the first conceal carry purse that doesn’t look like an old lady’s bag! Krista, the designer of the purses, knows firsthand what a lady is looking for in a purse for her firearm. This purse is kid friendly and by that I mean it has a special feature called “The locket pocket”, and a dangle chain for easy grab and go. At the moment it does not fit a full size firearm but don’t worry they are working on offering pocket-size options. The purse I fell In love with was the Nicole, it is $99.99. And that is a great deal for such I beautiful purse.


I don’t know about your girl, but I love wearing t-shirts. Off Hand Gear has some of the cutest and comfiest shooting related shirts out there. The shirts are made in America, which I love, by American Apparel. And the cut of the shirts you just can’t beat! They fit amazingly because they are shooting related shirts actually made for women! I personally was getting tired of not having any options other than the men’s shirts at the gun shows!


I know I didn’t showcase that much today for gift ideas but between the three sites I gave you I covered jewelry, purses and clothing. You can’t say I didn’t cover the basics for shopping for a girl! Good luck guys on the shopping, and don’t forget you can get your girl presents anytime of the year and if it’s shooting related… I have to say sir you hit the jackpot on finding a lady that loves shooting, she deserves to get a gift from one of these places.

REVIEW: Versacarry

You may have noticed that my installment of the versacarry review trilogy has been somewhat delayed. This certainly isn’t a result of versacarry making a complicated or difficult to use product, but instead from my lack of a concealed handgun license. I was hoping to have completed my licensing course and have some real world experience with the holster before I made my conclusive review of the product, but due to a lack of funding on my part, and a but of a deadline for the review, here it goes.

If you haven’t seen the previous reviews, you may want to read through this before hand.

First off, I am very thankful that we got this product for review. It is different and interesting at the very least, and being able to work with the holster and get a good feel for how it feels and functions proved that it is much more than just a novel idea. The execution of this idea for a minimalistic holster is beautiful, simple, and effective.
The first thing I noticed about this holster was exactly how little material it consists of. Its just so small. If I hadn’t read up on it before it was put in my hands, I wouldn’t have known what to do with it. The size of the whole package is excellent, but that actually wasn’t my favorite part. As cool as it is to have a few more millimeters shaved off that little bulge my M&P .40 makes on my waist, the best and most important part of the versacarry is how easy and reliable it is on the draw.
Now I am in no capacity and expert on holsters or concealed carry situations/requirements, but I do know a thing or two about efficiency and consistency. the clasp on versacarry holsters is a stout one. With an angled protrusion on its end the clip stayed rather firmly in place as I drew repeatedly from my jeans even without a belt on. Using it like it was intended; with a belt in place , the versacarry is going nowhere fast and let my pistol slide out very smoothly very consistently.
Argh. I just remembered another test I haven’t gotten time to run yet. As soon as I get my hands on a linear scale I will be measuring and posting exactly how firmly the versacarry holds my M&P .40 and hopefully a few other handguns in place. For now just rest assured that for such little contact area between the holster and the firearm, it is a comfortably tight fit. I wouldn’t ever worry about any unwanted movement or the possibility of slipping out.
The only problem I see with the versacarry, is the potential difficulty of training with it. Not being able to re-settle the pistol on your versacarry without removing it from your pants would make repeated drawing a bit more tedious. Obviously in a real life situation use of a versacarry only necessitates one draw.
All in all, I like it quite a lot, and fully intend on using versacarry as soon as I am licensed.

AAC .300 BLK Honey Badger PDW

AAC .300 BLK Honey Badger PDW

AAC Honey badger

Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout
Barrel length: 6 inches
Overall Length w/ Suppressor: 24-29 inches
Weight: 6.5 pounds (unloaded)
STOCK: Collapsible
ACTION: Semi-auto
Magazine: Standard AR style magazines

The Advanced Armament Corporation showed off their new Honey Badger at the AUSA expo back in October 2011.

The .300 BLK cartridge was developed as one step forward towards the goal of replacing the MP5-SD with a more accurate and more powerful firearm for our troops and law enforcement officers. As John Hollister said many times when we were out on the range, when officers go in for a high risk warrant they can either take the quiet yet underpowered MP5-SD or the noisy and gigantic AR-15. AAC wanted to make something that had the ease of use of an AR-15 but the portability of a MP5, that could go from subsonic rounds to supersonic rounds with the change of a magazine. The .300 BLK cartridge gave them the round, but the Honey Badger is the final design.

The stock is based on the H&K sliding stock design but adapted for the AR-15 platform and uses a custom designed upper receiver that has slots built in for the rails to slide along. The receiver and stock were both designed by AAC’s R&D gurus at the request of a military organization that shall not be named. The barrel is only about 6 inches in length and affixes to a .30 caliber silencer that is partially hidden under the handguards. Despite the short barrel the weapon exceeds the accuracy of an MP5-SD.

The last time I saw this gun (or at least its parts) it was fresh off the rapid prototyping machine. The finished product looks fantastic, and I have no doubts that we’ll see something similar start to replace the aging MP5-SD.



Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC), Designed the .300 AAC Blackout in 2010 and released in 2011  it was designed to give a .30-caliber cartridge for the M4 platform.

The .300 AAC BLK cartridge was specifically developed for suppressor use

The subsonic 220-grain load offers better terminal ballistics over the traditional 9mm loads.

The .300 AAC Blackout also gives the user the option of using the 125-grain supersonic match ammunition for longer engagements, the 9mm round does not offer this option.

The Honey Badger was developed at the request of SOCOM to replace the HK MP5 and MP7 platforms for CQB and other low-profile operations.

The buffer system was shortened and the lower receiver was modified to accept the custom adjustable stock similar in design to the H&K MP5-SD.

The goal was to develop a PDW with increased lethality while maintaining the approximate dimensions and suppressed signature of the HK MP5SD.

The suppressed Honey Badger is as quiet to the ear as a MP5-SD.

There is a second version of the Multi-Purpose Weapon with a longer handguard that covers the suppressor. The longer handguard allows more space or lights, lasers and other rail attachments.






Q:How much energy are they getting out of that with a 6″ barrel and a subsonic round? What is the weight of the bullet they are using?

A: 220gr round traveling just over of 1000 fps for .300 AAC Blackout compared to a 147gr round which is just under 990fps for MP5-SD.


Caliber: 9 mm x 19 (9mm Luger)
Overall Length: 21.65”.
Barrel length: 5.74”.
Weight: 6.54 lbs. (unloaded)

Knights Armament Company PDW

Knights Armament Company PDW


Caliber: 6X35mm KAC
Rate of fire:  Semi / Full Auto – 700 rpm
Magazine Type/ Capacity:Full Curved, 30 Rounds
4 lbs. 5 oz. (8″) / 5lbs 2oz (10″
1.8 Kgs (20cm) / 2.3 Kgs (25cm)

17.5″ (8″) / 19.5″ (10″)
44cm (20cm) / 50cm (25cm)

26″ (8″) / 28″ (10″)
66cm (20cm) / 71cm (25cm)



I checked with Knight’s to see if they were planning on releasing the semi-auto civilian model and at this time they are not.

The weapon has ambidextrous controls, It operates on a proprietary dual gas piston system and uses a full curved magazine. (at this time I have been unable to find out if it uses proprietary 6x35mm magazines or if it will use the standard AR platform .223/5.56NATO magazine.)

The KAC PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) uses and was designed around the proprietary 6x35mm cartridge made by Knights Armament. It was designed as a weapon for aircraft crews,  tank crews and truck drivers who did not need to carry a carbine but a small standby small arms weapon should they come under attack while not in transit. This weapons has high lethality of up to 300 meters.  

The PDW with the 6x35mm has as much Kinetic energy as a 10 inch M4 carbine but has 50% less recoil than a standard M4 carbine. The KAC muzzle device is designed for weapon control, it eliminates muzzle climb and recoil, but not muzzle flash.






For all the the AR platform lovers who have seen just a small number of different configurations we have posted on this site here is another.

The FN P90 changed the design of their magazine to be on top of the weapon to keep the rifle in a small neat package to be a PDW but still allow for a large number of rounds to be loaded in the weapon.

The AR-57 upper simply replaces the standard  5.56/.223 upper and since the magazine is top mounted like the FN P90 keeps the weapon small while having the ability to to hold up to a 50 round magazine and not have a long magazine protruding from the weapon.

The magazine is the same as on the FN P90, depending on state and local laws for magazines modified magazine are available in 5 and 10 round set up.


17hmr, .22lr, .22MAG, 5.7x28
L-R .17HMR, .22LR, .22MAG, 5.7x28mm

The Carbine 16” barrel set up weighs about 7.45lbs. unloaded and just over 8.5lbs loaded with a 50round magazine.

Snake Charmer II Break-Action Shotgun

Snake Charmer II Break-Action Shotgun

.410 Bore Verney-Carron Snake Charmer II Break-Action Shotgun

Caliber/gauge: .410 Bore shotgun
Barrel length:18-1/4″
overall length: 29”
Weight: 3 lbs.

This weapon is  ideal for backpackers, boaters, off-road trips, home protection and any other place that a small, light weight and easy to use shotgun might come in handy.

(L-R .410 bore, 28, 20, 12 gauge shell)

Kel Tec PLR-16

Kel Tec PLR-16


Calibers: .223 Remington
Weight unloaded: 3.2lbs
Length: 18.5″
Barrel length: 9.2″
Twist: 1:9″
Magazine: AR-15 compatible detachable box magazines (STANAG Magazines)
Trigger pull: 5.5-7.5lbs
Action: Gas-operated
Muzzle velocity: 2600fps
Effective range: 400 m

The Kel-Tec PLR-16 (Pistol, Long Range) gives the shooter the a .223 rifle in a compact pistol/PDW design.

This weapon is small enough to be carried in a leg holster. The nice thing about the Kel-Tec is it lets the shooter use the same magazine in both an AR and this gun so you don’t have to buy all new magazines if you want more than what comes with the weapon.


The PLR-16 uses both the multi-lug rotating bolt design and breech-locking system similar to the AR-15 with a gas piston system like that of the AK-47 and M-14.

FN P90

FN P90

I talked recently about the FN (Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal) FiveseveN pistol and how it was designed in conjunction with the FN P90 which uses the same 5.7x28mm round.


Caliber : 5.7 x 28 mm
Weight (empty): 5.5lbs
Length: 19.7”
Barrel length: 10.4”
Cyclic rate of fire: 900 rpm
Practical rate of fire: 50 – 150 rpm
Magazine capacity: 50-30-10 round capacity
Sighting range: 150 m
Range of effective fire: 200 m

The P90 uses a unique “Top mounted longitudinal magazine” (patented by Rene Predazzer in March 6th 1990.) to give the shooter a compact bullpup design without the added length of a magazine hanging down off the weapon. With the magazine mounted on top of the gun it allows the magazine to span over half the length of the gun to carry up a 50 round magazine.


The weapon was designed for close quarters as a PDW and with police and military ability to fire body armor-piercing rounds it gives them a greater defensive close-combat weapon and allows them to clear a room faster without worrying about the length of the weapon they carry.

Since 2005, the P90 has also been offered to the civilian market as a semi-automatic sporting version with a longer barrel.