Video: #WindhamProject Part 1 | The RMCS 4 Review

#WP Part 1

The #WindhamProject is a Windham Weaponry RMCS-4 AR which is chambered in 5.56, .300BLK, 7.62x39mm, 9mm and .22lr. We have grabbed some of the most awesome parts of the gun industry to help us better customize this rifle and show you how you can turn this rifle from something awesome to something EPIC and drool worthy at the range.

Table of Contents:

00:04 Intro to the #WindhamProject
01:34 History of the RMCS-4
02:20 Sponsors of the #WindhamProject
03:27 5.56x45mm and the CMMG .22LR kit
10:37 .300BLK
15:10 7.62x39mm Using the AK Mags
22:59 9MM using the Colt SMG Mags
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Poll: If you could only own ONE NFA item what would it be?


I personally would pick a suppressor.

Kel-Tec SU-16CA – Two Years later

I have been provided the materials needed for this review. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

One of the first guns we ever reviewed was the Kel Tec SU-16CA rifle. When we first tested it, we ran about 2000 rounds of Russian and Lake City ammo through this rifle, before we cleaned and oiled it.  It was wonderful and if you want to read the first review you can find it HERE


I now own the rifle and typically it is always taken to the range with me no matter what. Really, to me, that is what we are looking for when it comes to rifles… a rifle that is so reliable that no matter what we are doing we have to bring it out. Now I know I am opening a can of worms by saying that, because of the whole AR VS. AK battle that has been going on forever. It will still be the big argument even when we are carving our thanksgiving turkeys with light sabers.

My SU-16CA has been used for (non full auto) mag dumps to ringing the gong at 300yd with iron sights to teaching someone how to use a gun.  I also use it for ammo/magazine/optic reviews. In the last two years this rifle has shot at least 6000 rounds and I have not had any misfires. This rifle is not the most aesthetically pleasing rifle nor should it be. Kel-tec didn’t sit with the designers saying this rifle needs to be a fashion statement. The rifle is just that, a rifle.

My personal favorite place to take this rifle is a public range where we are shooting in a “building”. Kel-Tec doesn’t ship this rifle with a muzzle device.  I have yet to find one I liked enough to change the look of the rifle. That being said, when we are shooting inside it sounds like a .308 or .30-06 going off, making it one of my favorite conversation starters. People are always walking over and telling me about their .308 semi auto or .30-06.  I love watching their mouth drop when I tell them it is only a .223. The sound isn’t the only thing I love about this rifle and here are my top ten reasons.

Top Ten Reasons I love this rifle

  1. Piston driven. – This makes the rifle run very clean.
  2. Uses standard AR style mags – this is nice because I can run an X-Products X-15 drum with it or p-mags or the Surefire 60 and 100 round casket mags
  3. Easy to fold and store – since this rifle splits the stock and frame and hinges together, it makes it nice to carry when backpacking and on hunts (when you don’t need heavier calibers to take down game).
  4. Sounds like a cannon.
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Lightweight
  7. User friendly – put this rifle in most peoples hands and they can figure it out with no problem.
  8. Comes in five .223 models and one .22LR
  9. Carries two 10 round mags in the stock
  10. Fun to shoot

While my ARs and AKs are great guns and are the equivalent of Legos for men, they aren’t always as reliable.

My 25yd to 300yd rifle is my Kel Tec SU-16CA for the simple fact that it has been tested time and time again and it just works.

Answer Name that Gun 2-22: 9a-91





Designer: KBP Instrument Design Bureau (Russian)
Designed: 1991
Manufacturer: KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Produced: 1994-present
Cartridge: 9x39mm Grom
Caliber: 9mm
Weight: 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)
Length: 23.8 in (60.5 cm) (stock extended), 15.1 in (38.3 cm) (stock folded)
Action: Gas actuated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire: 700-900 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity: 886 ft/sec (270 m/sec)
Effective range: 200m
Maximum range: 400m(w/ optic)
Feed system: 20-round box magazine

The 9A-91 was designed as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) for the Russian army but founds it way into the hands of the MVD and Russian Police Troops to replace the SR-3 Vikhr.

This rifle uses a long stroke piston much like that of the AK family of firearms. The receivers are made from stamped steel  making the rifle cheap and easy to produce in large numbers. The pistol grip is made of polymers.

One of the features I like about this rifle is the stock folds to the top of the rifle allowing the stock to be unfolded without removing the magazine. 

The safety selector is on the right hand side of the rifle just above the trigger guard. Modes: Semi-auto (pointing to the rear) Safe (pointing straight up) Full-auto (pointing forward towards the barrel)

The charging handles handle is spring loaded to keep it from getting hung and caught, which is a nice feature when maneuvering in tight spaces like in cars or in clearing building. 

The rifle fires the 9×39 Grom which was designed as a subsonic round for suppressors (see the second and third pictures). The effective range on this rifle is 200 meters supersonic and 100m sub, the 9mm projectile insures at ranges out to 400+ meters the projectile still has good penetration. If  you would like to learn more about the 9×39 Grom cartridge you can find that HERE.

MPAR 556 Rifle

MPAR 556 Rifle

MPAR556 Rifle
Caliber: 5.56mm
Fabricated Upper and Lower Receiver
Aluminum Handguard
Front Handguard Cap
Full Length Picatinny Rail
Collapsible Buttstock
Side Folder Design
Short Stroke Piston
AR15/M16 Magazine Compatible
Muzzle Brake

This new Rifle will be available 1st Qtr 2013 and will be introduced at Shotshow.

The feature heavy design has been under development for the past 10 months and will feature some serious upgrades including a short stroke piston design, lightweight Free Floating 2 piece aluminum handguard with user located picatinny rails, an innovative front handguard cap to keep debris out of the internals of the handguard will providing strength and stability to the assembly, side folder fully machined aluminum buttstock, locked bolt action, side charging handle with forward assist, and compatible with AR15/M16 magazines.

The weapon will be black phosphate/hardcoat anodized – depending on the material.

Disassembly will be very user friendly, both for access to the internals of the weapon as well as piston assembly housed in the front handguard.


MSRP: $959.00