Atticus: Umarex “Colt 1911” .22LR Review


I took this pistol out for review along with the HPR ammo review and when I got home and plugged the camera into my computer it formatted the camera and I lost all of the pictures from both reviews.

Technical Specs
.22 L.R.
Capacity:12-Round Magazine
Mode of Fire: Semi-Auto
Barrel Length: 5 in (127 mm)
Method of Operation: Blowback Action
Front Sight: Drift Adjustable Front Sight
Rear Sight: Drift Adjustable Rear Sight
Overall Length: 8.6 in (220 mm)
Overall Width: 2.6 in (65 mm)
Safety Type: Manual Thumb Safety, Grip Safety
Principal of Operation: Blowback
Weight w/out Mag: 2.25 lbs (1020 g)
Extractor: Internal + Pinned Ejector
Features: Full metal body

A few months back I got in contact with Umarex USA who distributes licensed (by original manufacturers) versions of different firearms like the Colt Government 1911 chambered in .22 Long Rifle or the H&K MP5SD Chambered in .22LR.

Umarex  sent out the Colt Government 1911 .22lr for test and evaluation. We shot over 525 .22 rounds through this pistol without a single failure or problem.

I shot Remington Golden Bullet 22LR 525 Round Value Pack and a few strays from some other brands that were all mixed in a box in my range bag.

The Colt 1911’s history is long and this pistol has proven to be one of the best pistols ever produced which is why you can find so many variants of this pistol in the market place. As of late .45 ACP has sky rocketed in price which makes going to the range and shooting hundreds of rounds in one sitting rather painful to the pocketbook.

The Colt 1911 .22lr from Umarex as a full weight 1911 chambered in the .22 Long rifle, this lets the shooter practice with .22s to help with muscle memory. Muscle memory of that firearm allows the body to perform the task of firing the gun without conscious effort. This is helpful in conceal carry because when your brain clicks and says “Hey I need to draw my firearm” you body just completes the task without having to think which may save a life.

The Colt 1911 is not just for muscle memory, in fact one of my favorite rounds is the .22lr because I enjoy shooting and the .22 lets me shoot as long as I want for a fraction of the cost if I was using .45ACP.

The take down of this pistol is very similar to that of the .45ACP 1911s and I will link a video at the bottom to shows you the take down.

They make three versions of this pistol the standard Colt Government (the one I shot) the Colt 1911 Rail gun which has a rail under the barrel and the Colt 1911 Gold Cup.

The Colt Government

Rail Gun

Gold Cup

Pros/ Cons


The weight of the gun is about the same as a .45ACP 1911 which is a comfortable weight for shooting.

Sights were stock but held nice groupings

The trigger weight was  5.5lbs which gave a crisp trigger pull

Easy to clean and maintain


The magazine has a spring relief nub on the side to help quickly load the rounds and the only thing I found is with how slim the nub is it tore up my thumb after loading 100 or so rounds. This problem is not that bad since the magazine is still easy to load without the relief.


This is one pistol I plan on adding to my collection because of how much fun it is to shoot as well as nice for practice.

The ammo used for testing was (all ammo used was Hyper Velocity)
1.Remington Golden Bullet .22lr
2.American Eagle (Federal) .22lr
3.CCI .22long HV
4.Winchester white box 550 copperplated 40gr
5. Remington HV 22

MSRP: $405.00

Atticus: HPR Ammo Review

A few months back I was out at the range and I experienced a phenomenon I believe most shooters can relate to. I was sitting there on the line with the GEARs crew testing out a rifle when I ran out of ammo. knowing I needed about 40 more round to complete the testing I ran up to the club house and picked up a box of the only .223 they had in stock, HPR’s (which stands for High Precision Range) .223  HYPERClean 60 Grain / soft points.

After we finished shooting I took the box home because I wanted to test how clean they truly are. So I reached out to them and they were nice enough to ship me out a  box of .45 Auto TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) 230 grain Hyperclean and a box of .223 Rem 75 grain Boat Tail Hollow points MATCH both of which come in a box of 50 rounds.

While I had my camera out at the range taking video and pictures when I brought it home my computer formatted the camera and we lost all of the images.

The rifle and and gun used in the review was a Glock 21 and the American Weapons Systems ZA-15 which is chambered in the .223 wylde (allowing for the rifle to fire both .223 and 5.56x45NATO round)

Up first we tested the HPR .45ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol also known as .45 Auto). I fired 25 rounds before taking the gun apart and inspecting the carbon and unburnt powder in the gun.
The feed ramp was still shiny and clean. The brass had some slight powder burn that wiped off with a dry towel and just left a normal sight discoloration on the brass, the inside of the brass looked almost new in coloring. No misfires or feed problems.

After that I used monarch .45 ACP 230 grain TMJ and the first thing I could see after firing 5 round was the feed ramp was black with carbon and unburnt powder the brass was coated just like the feed ramp and the gun needed a heavy nitro cleaning when  I came home. No misfires or feed problems.

After that I shot the HPR .223 75 grain BTHP Hyperclean. I did not fire any rounds of similar specs.
The spent brass only had some discoloration at the neck and the inside was clean just like HPR .45 acp brass.
The rifle firing the heavier 75 grain over the normal 55 or 60 grain did make the recoil a little more noticeable. At the 50 yard range the 50 rounds held a nice 1 inch groupings.

The price of the ammo is a little high for just normal target practice but the fact that it kept nice groupings and the firearms stayed cleaner I would recommend this ammo.

You can purchase HPR from Cabelas, LuckyGunner or Scottsdale Ammo



Back in April 2012 I was involved in a Zombie shoot in Dallas, TX the grand prize sponsor was American Weapon Systems.

After seeing the grand prize I contacted them and had a chance to talk with them about doing a test and evaluation of the ZA-15.


American Weapon Systems Forged Zombie Annihilator® Lower and Upper, Machined from Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum
AWS 16″ Mid-Length LW-50 Stainless Steel Barrel 1:8 Twist Polygonal Rifling, With .223 Wylde Chamber.
AWS Nickel Boron Coated M16 Bolt Carrier
Two Stage Trigger: Geissele
Magpul UBR (utility / battle rifle)
Magpul MIAD (Mission Adaptable) Grip
Magpul MOE Trigger Guard
Surefire 60 round high Cap Mag
Forward Grip: TROY Industries, Modular Combat Grip
Samson Low Profile Gas Block
MechArmor TacOps-1 Charging Handle
A2 Flash Suppressor
Samson FFS & FRS Quick Flip Sights
Samson manufacturing, Evolution series 12.37” Forend



Old Man Lefty and I had a few chances to take it out to the range and put it through its paces.

Safe-Zombie-SHTF (S**T HITS THE FAN)

I buy guns based on need such as a new hunting rifle for larger or smaller game, or based on performance like  handling, ease of use, and how it feels to me.

As seen in past posts I do own a few different types of .223/5.56×45 rifles

FN-H FS2000
Kel-Tec SU-16CA
Sig 556 DMR
Sig 556 SWAT
Smith & Wesson M&P-15
I have fired many different AR-15 Platforms from Colt, Daniel Defense,  DPMS, STAG, AAC, and BCM.

The Smith & Wesson M&P-15 I own is  stock.  I have not made any modifications to it, outside of adding a scope.


The S&W M&P15  is a nice rifle that is well built. It has more felt recoil than the ZA-15.

The stock model M&P15 is boring and if you want a M&P15 you may end up changing quite a few parts just to get it to the point you like it.

The ZA-15  can be customized before it is even shipped to you so you know the rifle you are buying is going to be the rifle you want.

I have met a a few people who believe an AR is an AR is an AR but that simply is not the case. Not all AR-15s are made equally and this becomes very apparent when firing the ZA-15 next to the M&P 15.   You can feel the time spent hand assembling the ZA-15  and it is obvious that this is not another factory line gun using the the same stock rifle with the same parts time and time again.

As Built

American Weapon Systems has built a very high quality AR-15 rifle and and you are going to pay for it.  Depending on the build you are looking at $2000.

AWS builds the rifle to your spec to insure you get the rifle of your dreams.
The GEARS crew and friends shot about 1000 rounds of .223 and 5.56×45 though this rifle and it preformed exceptionally well under all the conditions we put it through . 

The barrel of this rifle is chambered in .223 Wylde which lets you shoot .223 Remington and 5.56×45 rounds through with no problems.

The bolt carrier group is a full auto bolt carrier group which I am a big fan of because it reduces (by the bolt being heavier) the the speed the bolt carrier goes into full battery (the status of a firearm when the action has returned to the normal firing position. Bolt carrier group locked in the lugs of the barrel). The reason I like that is it slows the action down making the  extractor have enough time to eject the spent brass reducing the chance of stove piping(the rifle is NOT full auto). A  heavier bolt increases your control over your firearm. 

I made this stove piping for the image by putting spent brass in the rifle like that.


AWS shipped us the rifle with a Surefire 60 round magazine which is fun to fire and just looks cool.


They have dressed up the rifle with the Zombie killer dust cover and all of the Engraved  Biohazard Logo and Zombie Annihilator® painted in neon green so it shows up really well. While this doesn’t make the rifle anymore accurate or function any better it does make the rifle a nice conversation piece out at the range. 

Personal Thoughts

I personally do not buy firearms because of aesthetics.  I don’t buy a gun just because it was branded with the latest trend, but that being said I am always excited by anything that helps the firearm industry.   This is a well built gun and it has a fun factor thrown in that makes taking it to the gun range a exciting way to meet other shooters.  Everyone wants to come see the Zombie gun and talk to you.                              

In part 2 of my review I  will break the gun down into each component category to expand upon what  I like about this rifle as well as the pros and cons I found.


The ZOMBIE ANNIHILATOR ZA-15 came in today for us to review. I am very excited to say that we have this to test for the next few months

Be sure to check out American Weapon Systems and pick your rifle today.















American Weapon Systems Forged Zombie Annihilator® Lower and Upper, Machined from Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum
AWS 16″ Mid-Length LW-50 Stainless Steel Barrel 1:8 Twist Polygonal Rifling, With .223 Wylde Chamber.
AWS Nickel Boron Coated M16 Bolt Carrier
Two Stage Trigger: Geissele
Magpul UBR (utility / battle rifle)
Magpul MIAD (Mission Adaptable) Grip
Magpul MOE Trigger Guard
Surefire 60 round high Cap Mag
Forward Grip: TROY Industries, Modular Combat Grip
Samson Low Profile Gas Block
MechArmor TacOps-1 Charging Handle
A2 Flash Suppressor
Samson FFS & FRS Quick Flip Sights

REVIEW: Versacarry

You may have noticed that my installment of the versacarry review trilogy has been somewhat delayed. This certainly isn’t a result of versacarry making a complicated or difficult to use product, but instead from my lack of a concealed handgun license. I was hoping to have completed my licensing course and have some real world experience with the holster before I made my conclusive review of the product, but due to a lack of funding on my part, and a but of a deadline for the review, here it goes.

If you haven’t seen the previous reviews, you may want to read through this before hand.

First off, I am very thankful that we got this product for review. It is different and interesting at the very least, and being able to work with the holster and get a good feel for how it feels and functions proved that it is much more than just a novel idea. The execution of this idea for a minimalistic holster is beautiful, simple, and effective.
The first thing I noticed about this holster was exactly how little material it consists of. Its just so small. If I hadn’t read up on it before it was put in my hands, I wouldn’t have known what to do with it. The size of the whole package is excellent, but that actually wasn’t my favorite part. As cool as it is to have a few more millimeters shaved off that little bulge my M&P .40 makes on my waist, the best and most important part of the versacarry is how easy and reliable it is on the draw.
Now I am in no capacity and expert on holsters or concealed carry situations/requirements, but I do know a thing or two about efficiency and consistency. the clasp on versacarry holsters is a stout one. With an angled protrusion on its end the clip stayed rather firmly in place as I drew repeatedly from my jeans even without a belt on. Using it like it was intended; with a belt in place , the versacarry is going nowhere fast and let my pistol slide out very smoothly very consistently.
Argh. I just remembered another test I haven’t gotten time to run yet. As soon as I get my hands on a linear scale I will be measuring and posting exactly how firmly the versacarry holds my M&P .40 and hopefully a few other handguns in place. For now just rest assured that for such little contact area between the holster and the firearm, it is a comfortably tight fit. I wouldn’t ever worry about any unwanted movement or the possibility of slipping out.
The only problem I see with the versacarry, is the potential difficulty of training with it. Not being able to re-settle the pistol on your versacarry without removing it from your pants would make repeated drawing a bit more tedious. Obviously in a real life situation use of a versacarry only necessitates one draw.
All in all, I like it quite a lot, and fully intend on using versacarry as soon as I am licensed.

Product Reviews

We have a number of awesome product and firearm reviews coming up in the next few months as well as a book.

Here is a list of a few of the reviews we can mention

Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm Pistol
Kel-Tec SU-16 .223 REM Rifle
American Weapon Systems ZA-15
Rock River Arms Polymer Frame 1911

More names to come…

We have a few holsters coming in and a flashlight or two

We are hoping have the book release (The subject of which is TOP SECRET) in the next few months.

Stay tuned we have a lot coming our way in 2012.

REVIEW: 30-06 Ammo review

Gearsofguns had the opportunity to review some bulk 30-06 Springfield ammo.

BULK AMMO sent us a box of Federal 180gr 30-06 Power shok.


I took out my sportized US Rock island Arsenal Model 1903 . along with a friend shooting a SKS


(Sportized means converting it from the basic military rifle configuration to a hunting rifle configuration. The military style stock that almost fully encloses the barrel is exchanged for one that leaves the entire top of the barrel exposed, and usually only covers about half the length of the bottom of the barrel)

We had set out 2 ranges to test out this round at 50m and at 100m against a 1/4” steel plate and a paper target to test groupings. (no pictures of this grouping)


At 100m we had a clean 5 round group in a half dollar on the paper and and a 3 round stack on the steel.


When we moved the steel plate closer to 50m we saw a unexpected result. The 30-06 rounds were making almost a millimeter smaller holes than at 100mIMG_0969
1/4” steel plate (shot both by myself with the .30-06 and by a friend with an SKS bullet size: 7.62x39mm)


After shooting we checked the barrel and bolt to see how clean the ammo shot and we ran a dry cloth down and came out with a fairly clean cloth and when we wiped the bolt only found oil from the last cleaning.

The recoil felt for a 30-06 from past experience was about the same.

The cost of the rounds for a 30-06 is on the low end at about a $1 per round

Caliber: .30 (7.62mm)
Weight: 180 Grain Soft Point
Muzzle velocity: 2700 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 2470 fps.
Velocity at 300 yards: 2045 fps.
Muzzle energy: 2913 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 2439 ft/lbs.
Energy at 300 yards: 1671 ft/lbs.
Uses: Deer, Medium game.

Overall performance from the round was excellent. Zero malfunctions or problems.

Bulk ammo shipped the ammo out to us on Monday and we had the ammo in our hands by Wednesday.

We would like to thank Bulk ammo for the chance to review this product.



Be sure to check out Bulk ammo for GREAT deals on ammo.