Poll of the Week: When Do You Train with Your Conceal Carry?

Poll of the Week Conceal Carry

With all the craziness lately, this world seems to be getting darker every day. So, my question to you is, when do you conceal (or open) carry? Take our poll here.

Poll: What Type Of Target Do You Use?

Poll: What Type Of Target Do You Use?

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Poll sponsored by OmahaTargets.com

Poll: Side folding AR stock adaptor

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Poll: What type of reviews do you prefer to read on Gearsofguns.com

Poll: What type of reviews do you prefer to read on Gearsofguns.com

Reviews Poll

Poll: With .22lr prices and stocks not yet fully recovered, what do you mainly shoot now?

While some of us in the country are seeing our .22lr supply and prices returning to pre-December 2012 stock and price, not everyone has yet recovered. What are you mainly shooting while waiting for it to recover?

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Poll: Did you get a firearm for Christmas as a gift from someone else?

Poll did you get a firearm

Poll: What does your range offer you?

Typically there are three different types of ranges a shoot can go to. A range open to the public, a range that is members only and requires a yearly or monthly fee or land you or a friend owns that you normally shoot on.

Today we are polling about what your range offers you and your shooting experience. If you shoot on your own land or a friends land please only answer that part of the poll.

What does your range offer you polll

The polls have been split between Public and membership ranges. Please select all that apply to your range.


Poll: If you could only own ONE NFA item what would it be?


I personally would pick a suppressor.

Poll: Do you include gym training to improve your shooting technique?


Do you workout and train in the gym to help improve your shooting technique?

Growing up I was a competitive swimmer and one of the things taught is how to have more control over your heart rate and how to slow it down with breathing exercises. This has helped me not only in the water when swimming laps or lifting weights at the gym but also at the range. I love being in the gym almost as much as I love being at the range. I have noticed that while I am doing more of my cardio and getting fitter that my shooting has improved. My follow up shots at distance are quicker and more accurate, since my heart rate is slowed and my breathing is less. This has also helped me have better focus when I am moving and shooting.

Poll: What (non Magpul) polymer AR mags do you use most in your rifle?



Poll: When do you clean your guns?


Poll: What type of firearm do you shoot the most at the range?