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Atticus and the Gears Crew wrap up the look back at Shot Show 2016 with the photos of safes and gun cases.  Thank you for taking a look back with us.  Hope you enjoyed the scenic tour.  No photos can begin to show the enormity of this show. Again, these photos are best of the ones taken and are meant to show the variety of what is to be seen at Shot Show and are not necessarily a reflection of our editorial support.



Flambeau Multi Pistol Gun Case


Liberty Safe 0Liberty Safe 2Liberty Safe 3Liberty Safe 4Liberty Safe 5Liberty Safe 6Liberty Safe 9


Pelican 1Pelican 2





Atticus James is traveling in India for the month of February.  You can follow his adventures at  In the meantime, he has left all of the photos from Shot Show 2016 for those of us left behind to post for him.  (This would explain any issues with photos being mislabeled.  Apologies in advance if this happens). If you find a mislabeled photo, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Liberty: The Safest Review Possible

I have been provided the materials needed for this review. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Liberty The Safest Review Possible hdx250

Growing up I learned fairly early on what it means to, “have a guy for that”. Whether it is a Tailor, Locksmith, Camera guy or just that guy who “knows things”. It is a useful trait, to have, finding people who you trust for different things. Plus they generally know someone else for those “situations”.

Creed from The Office wink

I have two locksmiths, one for my lock and key needs and the other for my car, safe and other needs. I have had to rekey 2 of my cars in the past, so it is important to know who you are working with.

While rekeying a car in 2014, I started talking to my Locksmith about different safes for a few of my needs. He told me flat out, “you want Liberty for all of your gun safe needs”. As you might imagine, I want the best safe for my firearms, so they are as protected as a loving father can protect them.

Liberty HDX-250


I was in the market for a new pistol safe for my office and Liberty had suggested we review the HDX-250. The safe uses biometric locks for quick access to your firearm, without the need to fumble around trying to use the key. You can input 15 different prints into the system giving you the freedom to add many people. This gives everyone who is prepared to use your firearms, the ability to have a loaded firearm ready at all times. This is a huge advantage over the worry that comes with having a pistol ready to fire that might just be stored in its box, or someone not being able to find the key when needed.

The Locking System

There is one individual who I wanted to give access to but we find that her index and middle finger on her right hand would not load as a valid print. We ended up having to use her left hand which worked without a problem. As to what caused our frustrations, it is still a mystery that eludes me. Prior to imputing anyone’s finger prints, they washed and dried their hands.

The safe has an AC port for a plus to keep the biometrics active while you have power and a 9V battery backup in case you lose power or decide to keep the safe in an area without access to a wall plug.

Biometric Liberty HDX-250


For 36 hours straight I sat and stared at that safe trying to decide how I was going to review it. I thought of all of the best ways to show this safe and how it can handle anything. I thought about dropping from an airplane at 40,000 feet, but during the flight I was asked to return to my seat by the mean flight attendant, I thought about taking it to the zoo and covering it in unicorn meat and throwing it to the alligators, Can you believe I was stopped at the gate when I made a girl scout troop cry when I told the cashier what the safe was covered in.  I thought HEY! What if I sent this safe to my buddy in the Army who drives tanks. I could see if he could shoot it out of the cannon but alas, the safe isn’t aerodynamic enough to shoot out of the gun!

I had many more AMAZING ideas, but in the end I decided to just keep it here at the office and just use it. BOOORING!


Overall Thoughts

The safe holds pistols and other valuables. In my case I keep a backup 2TB portable drive in there along with the two pistols. The biometrics work for me about 99% of the time first try. Sometimes if my hands are sweaty, it won’t read it the first time. When that happens, I can just resort to my key if it doesn’t open by the third time.

Liberty is known for their quality safes and they stand behind them. They have been highly recommended to me by people in the locksmith and safe industry. Now I can recommend them to you.

GearsofGuns Liberty Safe HDX250

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Be Safe: Your Guide to Properly Storing Firearms

Be Safe: Your Guide to Properly Storing Firearms

Part of being a responsible gun owner is understanding how to properly store guns and ammunition. The top three reasons for safely storing firearms are: to prevent a gun from firing, protect a gun from physical damage, and to prevent theft. Failing to safely secure your guns can result in legal liability if an accident or theft were to occur as well as significant danger to yourself or others.

Leaving guns lying around or casually stowed away in drawers, even if the ammo is elsewhere, is both irresponsible and potentially deadly. Here are some of the most popular and responsible ways to store your guns. These methods range in effectiveness and cost, but should be evaluated on the basis of individual needs and home environment.

● Trigger and Cable Locks

These are the minimum in gun storage and are designed to merely keep the gun from firing or being loaded. Trigger locks clamp and lock around the housing of the trigger to prevent the trigger from being pressed. Most guns come with this kind of safety mechanism from the manufacturer. Cable locks can be run through the barrel to block the action of the gun from being closed, This, in turn, prevents the gun from being loaded or fired.

● Metal Gun Case

These combine the portability of plastic or fabric gun cases with the security of a gun cabinet, While not meant to be serious security containers to guard against theft, these containers do offer a decent amount of protection for your gun. Most boxes come with a variety of locks from key to combination to biometric, and they often come with mounting capabilities. The main benefit to these is that they are portable, secure, and inexpensive. Gun cases are often the only legal way to transport a firearm in a vehicle as well.

● Gun Cabinets

A step up above gun cases but not quite to the level of gun safes, gun cabinets are often lighter and more simplified than gun safes, but don’t offer the portability of cases. These are often used in apartments or in upper story rooms. Cabinets are typically made out of steel and feature basic locking mechanisms and a variety of configuration methods that allow for mounting to the wall or bolting to the floor. The higher end cabinets offer more features but their price tag may make you just want a less expensive safe.

● Gun Safes

Gun safes are the most secure of all the storage options, but are fixed in place. If your gun collection is worth more than the price of the cheapest safe, it’s probably time to think about keeping your guns here. Gun safes come in many models with many configurations and features, so knowing what level of safe you need will make the buying decision easier. Gun safes are big, heavy, expensive, and difficult to install, so weigh your storage options and needs carefully. The benefits of a gun safe, however, can outweigh the costs as a theft deterrent, safety protocol, and way to protect the finish of your guns.

Since safe gun storage depends so much on the environment in which you’re keeping guns, it is very important to make this your primary focus when deciding how to store guns. Basic storage in a gun case or cabinet may be perfectly fine for some while others may require the added security and space of a large gun safe. The answer to the question ‘where have all the guns gone?’ should inevitably be ‘in gun storage’.

Ben Vaughn writes regularly on home safes, safe gun storage, and the technology behind biometric safes. He believes that keeping your guns safe is extremely important and strongly recommends a safe for anyone with a gun.