MAC talking about the new Targetvision Camera System [CORRECTION]

For those of you who have been long time readers of the Blog know we have reviewed in the past, the Bullseye camera system which is very similar to this. I would love to get my hands on the Targetvision system  to test out and compare to the the Bullseye camera system.

The one thing I would like to know is if the camera is high definition. When I spoke with Bullseye out at SHOT 2014 they assured me they were upgrading their camera to full HD resolution. I haven’t been in contact with them since to see if that has happened yet but I know that is one of the upgrades I wanted when first testing Bullseyes system out.

The whole Targetvision system is contained in the box and in the tube.  MAC brings up the point a few times that you do not have antennas up in the air and that the whole camera package is very small.

The price points are [CORRECTION]

500 yard Bullseye camera system: $449

1 mile Bulleyes Camera System: $549 for the 1000 yard + $199 for the Antenna Upgrade  (Total: $749)

The Bullseye camera works great and has a lower price tag.


The Targetvision camera system sells only one camera which they claim can reach well over a mile. Price for that system is $1295


The two systems truly are the next gen in bench shooting spotting scopes.

Leatherman MUT [FULL] Review

I have been provided the materials needed for this review. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. 

I have been around Leatherman’s for years and years, in fact I have always carried one Leatherman or another since I was about 11. I even remember the Leatherman vs. Gerber debate in my old boy scout troop.


[UPDATE] I had a hard time getting photos of this tool in action as I was always the one using the tool and cameras.

An Eagle Scout Gift

When in scouts, I saved up my money to buy a Leatherman PST (Pocket Survival Tool) which stayed on my belt until I turned 14. When I made Eagle, I was given a Leatherman Wave by my parents. I have kept that tool with me for years and never gave much thought about getting a newer Multi-tool. For me, why spend the money when you have equipment that is going to last a lifetime?

A Work Tool

My father has owned a Leatherman Super Tool 200 pretty much since I get my first Leatherman. In his business his Leatherman tends to get beaten up and parts have broken from all the wear and tear. Leatherman has a 25 year warranty on all of their tools so when a part needs to be fixed he can just send it in and get it fixed.

A Christmas Gift

For Christmas 2013, I was given a Leatherman Rail by my sister because she knew I needed a tool I could use in the field for my reviews and just general shooting. For the past few months, I have been carrying my Leatherman Wave and my Leatherman Rail to the range.

A Must Have!

I had seen and read about the Leatherman MUT a few times before SHOT 2014 and Leatherman was on my list of companies to see at the show. I went to the booth too see the new line, but I knew what I was there for, the Leatherman MUT. I knew when I saw it, that it was going to replace both of the Leatherman’s I was carrying. It has all they had and more.



As you can see in the picture above, the pouch the MUT comes in is MOLLE. Whether you want it on your belt or on your chest rig, this pouch will work for you. A nice thing about the molle strap backing is, you can adjust the strap to fit the size of your belt and where it hangs on you.


Leatherman’s technical writing department doesn’t fill the spec sheet out with every detail of the tool. This means you do have to play with the tool to fully familiarize yourself with everything this tool has to offer… I have been using the MUT for about a month now and I still haven’t found the kitchen sink, but knowing Leatherman they snuck it on there.    [UPDATE] Leatherman is not confirming this just yet but my sources have confirmed that Thor is planning to replacing his hammer (Mjölnir) for the Leatherman MUT sometime in 2015.


About the MUT:

The MUT is everything your normal Leatherman is. Pliers, screwdrivers, knife and saw, etc. but it was designed with the shooter in mind.  The bolt override tool lets you get stuck brass out of your AR when things go wrong. The MUT has male and female adapters for cleaning rods and jags. The screwdriver set has the standard blade and Phillips head bits as well as hex and star head bits for your scopes and other rail mounts. The carbon scraper is made from bronze to keep from destroying your bolts when you are cleaning. Having the carabiner/bottle opener is a must for any tactical zombie hunting bartender (Looking at you Gun Bunny).

I keep a tool box in the bed of my truck that stores a fair amount of tools in case I need to fix something, be it at the range or on the side of the road. I have found one of my most used tools in the tool box is the hammer. Sometimes there are just random nails in the world that have caught your arm and sleeve one too many times and they just need to be nailed back in to place. I like to believe Leatherman was in the same boat when they designed the hammer on the tool for no other reason than JUST IN CASE.

I have read a few reviews that say this is not just a “MUST HAVE FOR YOUR RANGE BAG”… this is not a range bag tool or one you should just wear when working with firearms. This tool gets put on my belt when I leave the house, I even take it to the gym. I like to wear this everywhere. This isn’t just the ultimate multi-tool for the gun owner, it’s the ultimate multi-tool: period.


The hook knife on the MUT is not designed to cut climbing rope as the hook is rather shallow but it is perfect for cutting molle webbing or seat belts or even fishing line. The blade is replaceable so when it gets dull or chipped you can replace it with a sharp new one.

The punch uses standard cleaning rod threading so you can unscrew it and attach your cleaning rods to the MUT and clean your guns. Also, having a punch on the tool means one less punch you have to carry in your cleaning kit.

2014-04-20 19.15.30

In my first impressions I spoke of the front post adjustment tool that comes with the pouch and MUT. I would have liked to have seen it attached to the MUT and I still think that would have been nice. I do understand the lack of room on the tool. It was nice of Leatherman that they added it to the set. The end user doesn’t need to go out and buy one more thing to complete the kit.

Tool rigidity:

The Leatherman MUT is a solid tool. When you pick up the tool for the first time you notice the weight, the mass of the pliers and the overall heft that this tool has. It is true that heft does not necessarily mean a tool is strong or worth its weight in salt. But from my own personal experience with different brands and style tools, this is one of the nicest and strongest for the type tool. When you grip the handles of the pliers and squeeze as hard as you can you see a little flex but it does not it feel like it is going to bend or break.


I am not a professional when it comes to electrical wiring or anything of the nature. I have been around long enough to learn how to fix some problems such as trailer lights or installing and replacing wall plug outlets. I know what it is like trying to cut wires with dull wire cutters. Leatherman has designed the wire cutters on this tool to be replaceable with a screw making it easy to change out the dull or chipped wire cutters with a nice sharp set.

They have also made the carbon scraper replaceable.

Locks and safety features:

The Leatherman MUT comes with a lock latch that keeps the tool in the folded position which might seem pointless if you keep it in the pouch but having an open web cutter (hook knife) you run the risk of cutting your gear up if the tool opens. To keep this from happening Leatherman designed the screw driver bit to block the hook knife and have a locking latch so the tool doesn’t open allowing for the bit to be out of the way and cutting your gear.

Final thought:

The tools was designed for day to day usage. Leatherman designed the MUT to replace the multiple tools you’d normally carry.

This is where I normally post my pros and cons list. Folks, this is the first review where I just haven’t found anything I didn’t like. If in the future I find something that does make this tool have a drawback for ME, I promise to update this.
In complete honesty I have not even scratched the surface of this tools full potential. This Leatherman is the heaviest I own. Remember that the heft added, is to insure that when your life depends on that bolt override or the cutting hook  or any of the other 100 things Leatherman does not tell you this tool does.. it will be there ready for action.

Howard Leight Impact Sport E-Earmuffs review

I had planned to just review the Howard Leight*1 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs but plans changed.

download (1)

Customer Care

A few months back I got in contact with Howard Leight about getting some earmuffs to review for shooting but what I didn’t know at the time was that I was going to review the company as well. When I contacted the company, instead of my normal getting bounced around and transferred five times until I talked with the right person, I talked with ONE person. I had the pleasure of talking with Customer Care Rep Laraine from Howard Leight.

Empowered Reps

Normally I have to talk with someone in marketing or another division who handles media requests such as this one. With Howard Leight, I only worked with the customer care rep who the company has empowered to be able help the customer not like a number of other large (non-firearm) corporations.  Most companies keep sending you to the next tier up because all the first tier customer care rep can do is ask you if you have turned the product on and off.

I am not going to get on my soap box and talk about that because I really want to just talk about Howard Leight and how I had such a pleasant experience with them.

skip to Earmuff Review

I called Howard Leight and spoke with Laraine about getting the earmuffs and she was more than willing to help me out with this not just because I am a blogger but because Howard Leight seems to only employ customer care reps who CARE. I know this to be a fact because in the few times I did have to call the company and ask for Laraine I would always be greeted by one the of reps who would try to help me in any way they could before I would ask to speak with Laraine.


I have contacted Howard Leight a couple of times since my first contact and have spoken to different customer care reps who were just as helpful and knowledgeable as Laraine.

Lifetime Customer

Howard Leight makes great ear protection but they have also made me a lifetime customer because of how they work with the customer.


Specs: Impact® SportFolding

  • Sleek, extremely low profile earcup design allows for full clearance of firearm stock
  • Automatic 4 hour shut-off increases battery life
  • AUX jack connects to MP3 players and scanners
  • Automatically shuts off loud impulse noise to a safe 82dB while amplifying conversation and range commands
  • Convenient folding design for easy storage
  • One single power and volume control knob
  • Air Flow Control™ technology
  • Black leatherette headband with sporty hunter green earcups
  • Water resistant
  • Easy access to the external battery compartment
  • 2 AAA batteries included

Source: The Howard Leight website

Impact Sport E-Earmuff Review

For a number of years now I have used the surefire earplugs or my good old non-electronic over the head earmuffs because both offer me what I need for shooting.

The surefire plugs are great if I am going to be just shooting and minimal talking on the range and when I have a rifle stock glued to my face.

My  non-electronic over the head earmuffs offer me noise dampening but they are quick to slide off if I need to make a video or hear what the crew is saying, they are overly bulky and you hear every tap of the buttstock to your earmuff.

Adjustable Volume

The Howard Leight electronic earmuffs give me the best of both worlds. I can adjust the volume when I need to listen or almost turn the sound off when I am firing on the line with the three .30-06 rifles going off. The muffs are low profile so the overly bulkiness is minimized to the point it is comfortable to run and shoot with a rifle or to sit on the bench and shoot long distances.

Long Battery Life

We have been using the muffs for about 5 months now and haven’t had to change the batteries yet.

Increased Range Communication

I like the fact that I can adjust the volume easily when I am shooting from the bench and we have other shooters near us.  The spotter and shooter can almost whisper to each other adjustments without having to listen to everyone on the range. I can also turn the volume all the way up and hear the crew from a distance without anyone having to scream commands.


Overall Thoughts:

The earmuffs will run about $50 but for the safety of your hearing and still being able to hear what is going on around you,  they are well worth the investment.


*1 Howard Leight is owned by Honeywell, An American multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments.
Source: Honeywell’s Wiki page

Redring Shotgun Sight Review

A few months back I was contacted by Redring Shotgun Sights to see if we would be interested in reviewing their sight.


Of course I said yes since shotguns are one of my favorite firearms. They relate so well with one of my favorite quotes by Ashleigh Brilliant “To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.” With the shotgun I just pull the trigger and tell everyone that I wasn’t aiming for that clay pigeon but that there was a fly that I hit with extreme accuracy. Now that I have the Redring shotgun sight I have been refining my clay pigeon hitting abilities since they can be a trickier target to hit than that fly I mentioned earlier…

All joking aside, this sight has been a nice addition to my two shotguns. The sight compliments the Browning BPS and gives a look of tacti-cool when I have it on my Mossberg 500 Flex.


The sight is, in my opinion, over priced at this time at about $749. Since you can buy an EO Tech for $300 for an AR tactical platform that is battle proven with higher accuracy, for the consumer market this just seems high to me. Let’s face it, the sight can cost more than the shotgun it is attached to. However don’t take that comment as saying the sight is not worth having if you like shooting your shotgun for hunting or sport. The Redring shotgun sight quickly improved my accuracy and even helped retrain me back to using the bead when the sight was turned off.

After about the third trip with the Redring I was hitting about 9/10 or 10/10 and I was able to teach someone who had never shot clays before to hit 5/10 in about 15 minutes of shooting. I believe that says a lot for the product.

A few changes I personally would like to see:

If they would make the sight a quick detach since it takes a few minutes to change the sight from one gun to another.

A lower price would open the market to all classes of shooters.

Overall Thoughts:

I have enjoy using this sight and I keep it on my Mossberg because I am almost always hitting my intended target with it on. Flies no longer have to be on the lookout for me!


Press release – The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest Level IIIA Protection for $299




BulletSafe is proud to introduce the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest, a great bulletproof
vest at an unbelievable price. The BulletSafe vest offers Level IIIA protection and
wraparound coverage for just $299. Comparable vests sell for between $599 and
$1,000. At our revolutionary price more people will have access to the safety and
protection of a bulletproof vest.

Your readers and customers may have entertained the idea of purchasing a
bulletproof vest for use on the job, at the range, on the street, or in other potentially
life-threatening situations. Typically, price is a huge factor preventing people from
buying a bulletproof vest. Our company has worked diligently to create a great vest
that everyone can afford. $299 for a tested, guaranteed, IIIA bullet proof vest makes
vests available to almost anyone.

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest offers level IIIA protection and will stop handgun
rounds up to .44 Magnum. The vest is comfortable and secure, with armor pockets in
the front and rear for any future armor plate upgrades. Large Velcro areas ensure the
vest will fit almost everyone.

The BulletSafe vest is perfect for Security Guards, Preppers, Recreational Shooters,
and anyone who wants protection in dangerous environments. The BulletSafe vest is
available in 5 sizes for immediate delivery. BulletSafe also manufactures ceramic,
ballistic plates that work in conjunction with the vest to provide NIJ level IV

The vest launched in August and is currently available in retail stores near
BulletSafe’s Michigan offices. Sales have been strong in these stores and the
company is poised for a great 2014.

If you are looking for a new product that customers will want to read about and
purchase, the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest might be it. We are all attending the 2014
SHOT Show to discuss great new products and fantastic values. Stop by booth #3948
to find out wholesale pricing and to see a revolutionary new bulletproof vest.

Tom Nardone, President of BulletSafe is available at 1-800-809-0610 or

Bullseye Camera Systems 500 Yard Edition review


I contacted  Bullseye Camera Systems a few months back to review their Bullseye Camera Systems 500 Yard Edition.

The company was founded in 2012 and I rate it as one of the best new pieces of shooting gear for 2013.

While Panzer was prepping for an elk hunt this past October, we spent day after day at the rifle range to hone his distance shooting skills with his new rifle. Before starting to talk with Bullseye Camera Systems, we were utilizing every binocular, scope and spotting scope we had, to judge each shot taken. Every 10 or so shots we had to walk the 200-300 yards to cover previous shots with stickers to get clean readings.  The back and forth trips down the range kills a good 15% to 50% of your day at the range.

The Bullseye Camera Systems is just that… a target viewing system that sits near your target.

“No more walking back and forth to the target! Spend more time shooting!” – Bullseye Camera System Facebook page.

The system comes with:
– Weatherproof camera w/night vision
– 5-hour rechargeable battery
– Router and antenna
– Tripod and connectors
– Secure carrying case
– Bullseye Target Manager Software on a flash drive
Works with any laptop running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.

I know a few “purists” who believe that when it comes to shooting, old school is best and not use any tech. The two “purists” that I showed this system to, both thought this was a great for young and old alike since most people can’t see a .22 caliber hole in a paper at 200+ yards away.

The system is practically no maintenance  other than keeping the batteries charged and periodic free software updates.

During use, twice the system battery lasted longer than the laptop, so we just had to make a quick change of laptops by simply switching the flash drive. No download needed.


After every shot you make, by hitting the spacebar on the laptop, the Bullseye Target Manager Software takes a still shot of the target. The software then flashes between the two most recent still shots comparing them. 



The set up is as easy as setting up the tripod, mounting the camera, plugging the two USB cables into the battery pack, connecting the flash drive to your laptop and running the program.

Bullseye Camera Systems has two options:  500 yard or 1000 yard with an upgrade option for 1 mile. Both systems are similar, aside from the antenna which boosts the Wi-Fi range on the camera.

The base systems (without laptops) are $449 for the 500 yard and $549 for the 1000 yard system. Both are more an affordable option than some of the higher end spotting scopes that have clear glass to see at ranges like that.

The software lets you record all the data regarding each individual target; allowing for comparisons between days at the range. You can set different profiles for different shooters so everyone can use the same program to track their shots.  The software has a mark shot button that lets you cover your shots with a colored mark on the screen so you can use a target that has a few holes already in it.

Overall Thoughts:

This system is amazing! The company is still young so I expect to see them really starting to make waves in the next few years as they grow. The long range shooting part of the industry has needed something like this for years and as the tech becomes better and better so will this system.

Panzer – Magellan eXplorist 350H reviewed

Panzer – Magellan eXplorist 350H reviewed

At shot show 2013 I was called over to the Magellan booth by Atticus because Magellan was interested in Gears of Guns reviewing their new Magellan eXplorist 350H. This was perfect because I was planning an elk hunt for the following October. So I listened very attentively to the 30 minute presentation Carol Bardia had for me and the Crew. I will be up front with you, I was unfamiliar with Magellan, as well as GPS systems designed for outdoor enthusiasts, so the learning curve was steep at first. Fast forward to August 29th 2013 when the product arrived and I immediately discovered my lack of experience did not matter. The applications in the field and at home after the trip are so numerous it is difficult to list them all but here it goes.


The eXplorist  350 H is above all else very user-friendly and within the first 10 minutes I had already begun planning my trip by locating the exact area I would be hunting within 10 feet. I had topographical data, county roads and game management areas (GMU) all loaded with the push of a button. The five button control panel was easy to use, with or without gloves and I liked the way you could quickly access trip information without excessive toggling.

Field Functions:

Upon arrival to the campground I mapped out the my various points of interest using several of  the handy custom marker icons specially created for hunters including; campsite, blinds, stands, glassing areas and trail heads to name a few. Or you could mark way points using specific game icons, bedding locations, scat, blood trails, scrapes, rubs, sheds and many more.  I also used the text function to enter field notes when a custom marker wasn’t enough. My first few days before the hunt I was glad to have the eXplorist on hand because it allowed me the chance to get oriented and to map and section out the large area quickly and effortlessly. After taking a long ride on my 4 X 4 with the eXplorist on board, I had all my ATV trails marked without having to do very much but enjoy the ride. At no point during my two weeks there did I have to worry about finding my way back to camp day or night.

In an effort to conserve battery life I utilized the active suspend function which worked like a sleep mode but with continued tracking. Also the screen saving mode turns off when not in use within 20 seconds. It takes two double A batteries of which I replaced once the entire trip. While it is stated to have a battery life of 18 hours (if you use lithium), if you fail to use active suspend don’t be surprised if the hours of battery life vary. Another annoyance is that the Duracell alkaline batteries got down to 25% remaining and a message would appear telling you to change them and soon after that the device would shut off. The batteries I used after the first change were (Duracell AA alkaline), however Magellan recommends using two AA lithium batteries.

Once I had my hunting area mapped I could track prey, mark glassing areas and establish which group members were hunting where. The stated temperature range for this device is between 14 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. While it continued to work for me at 20 degrees F your experience may vary, however at times it was cold enough for my smart phone to stop working while the eXplorist continued to worked. Magellan has used the IPX7 waterproof standard for this device. During my trip I exposed the device to rain and snow and had no issues with it working properly.

Computer Application:

Even though I enjoyed using the GPS in the field once I returned home and plugged the eXplorist 350H into my computer and downloaded the Vantage Point software onto my PC, my experience only got better

You must be using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to use the Vantage Point software or if you are running a MAC you can use the Magellan communicator for MAC which is compatible with a website called Once installed the Vantage Point software took all the data I had collected on my two-week trip and plugged it into the DigitalGlobe format where I could play back  every movement I made while the device was active using either  satellite images or the topographical map. There are countless ways you can use this software from planning available routes, tracking animal movements or  measuring distances. The Vantage Point software uses collected data to paint a clear picture of the outdoor experience while allowing the user to plan, track and view all movements in the field. So when I was ready to relive the experiance, Vantage point software painted the picture for me. When I am ready to plan my next trip I can easily build of the info gathered by the eXplorist and displayed on Vantage Point.

Having access to such a great tool takes your hunting or hiking game to a whole new level and I highly recommend it for everyone from the beginner to experienced outdoor enthusiast.


  • The five button control panel is very easy to use when scrolling through the various menus.
  • Can be used with or without gloves without much difficulty.
  • Thirty custom markers for hunt mode plus ability to add custom field notes.
  • Active suspend mode conserves battery life while continuing to track  your movement.
  • Screen is bright and display is clear with sharp contrast.
  • The Vantage Point software uses collected data to paint a clear picture of the outdoor experience while allowing user to plan, track and view all movements in the field.
  • Cons:

  • One  con was that the 350H is a bit bulky when carrying it around in my pocket so I eventually started keeping it in my day pack which was not always convenient.
  • The screen size was a bit small but the display is bright and clear and it did come with a screen protector.
  • Stated battery life is 18 hours but when left on not in active suspend much less battery life.
  • When alkaline battery life got down to 25% remaining, a repeating message to change batteries appeared and the device would power down, however Magellan recommends using a AA lithium battery for optimal battery life.

Lancer L5 AWM Advanced Warfighter Magazine Review

The Lancer L5 AWM is a hybrid AR-15 magazine meaning it has steel feed lips and an impact resistant polymer body. The top of the magazine catch is steel which helps to keep the magazine catch from wearing out or getting nicked up to the point that the body of the magazine becoming worthless.

The follower is a non-tilt follower. This means when you are loading or shooting the follower cannot tilt inside of the magazine causing failures to feed and jams. The spring inside the magazine we dropped, dragged and then drove over is bent out of shape. (this might be how I would feel if someone did that to me)

Bent Spring

The magazines were designed to fit the AR platform, HK416, SCAR16,  ARX160 and a few others.  We tested the mag using a SIG556, Keltec SU-16CA and the ZA-15. The magazine functioned flawlessly in all three guns.

The Lancer L5 AWM magazines can be stored loaded without damage to the spring.  This is a good feature if you plan to store your magazines at the ready.




We dropped, dragged and then drove over the magazines with very little damage. The body of the magazine was dented and scratched  and the spring was bent after driving over it but the magazine is still fully functioning as expected from a quality made magazine.

The magazine still drops free from the mag well which is a good sign that the magazine feed lips did not expand or get bent during the testing. I ran my calipers on the feed lips on the tested magazine and on a new magazine and saw there was no change in size. When the magazine is loaded with 30 rounds and the AR-15s bolt is closed the magazine still locks in as it should.

Lancer produces transparent and solid colored magazines for those who like to be fashionable when you are at the range. The transparent magazines have 20 and 30 round line markers on the side of the magazine.    They weigh in at 4.4oz unloaded. The stippling on the sides allows for non slip grip when changing mags. I like this stippling over the ridged bodies of ProMag and MagPul.

Since the only metal the ammo comes in contact with is the feed lips the magazine cannot seize due to metal on metal friction.

The price of the magazines tend to be more expensive than other polymer magazines but I personally believe that the magazine value meets the price.

Video Tuesday!!! TDSA and X Products

Atticus testing the X-products X-15 magazine at the TDSA range in Ferris TX.

If you are interested in visiting the range call them and tell them Atticus sent you!

Gun Range:
Drum Magazine:
AR-15 Review:

Ghost Targets

Last week I was contacted by Casper (Mike) over at wanting to meet up with us to review his reactive targets.


The targets are about the size of a cap of chap stick all the way up to the size of a large marshmallow. The targets come in 3 sizes 5/8″, 7/8″, & 1 1/8″.

Ghost targets are a proprietary chalk looking target that poofs when you hit them. As we learned from talking and shooting with the owner of the targets work best if they are not sitting right on a backing that you might attach paper targets to so you want to hang them so they are dangling 6 inches or more away.

Ghost Targets are for firearms that are zeroed in only. Since you don’t want them against a paper targets you have to know that you are zeroed in.

I’ve been asked how I came up with the idea for these targets and the name. It started when I was watching the TV show Top Shot on the History Channel it seemed everything they shot exploded or re-acted in an extreme way, then was shown in slow motion, very cool! It was so cool that I was inspired to create targets that would re-act in the same way and be safe for kids to use. About 50 formulations later and I had my targets.

The name was thought of after talking to my friend that runs a shooting range and he said he just ordered the hottest new target “Zombie” targets. I asked what they did and he laughed and said they don’t do anything they’re just paper with pics of zombies. Zombies made me think of dead things and dead things lead me to ghosts and I had my name, Ghost Targets!



Panzer and I will be working on sighting in his new .30-06 and plan to have these targets up once we are zeroed in for a little friendly competition.

They might not seem all that much fun if you have never tried them but after hitting the three in a row I was ready to reset and keep blasting them. It reminds me of shooting and dusting clay pigeons when shooting shotguns.

This is a fun way to change-up your shooting trips and if you are looking for a way to test your sharpshooting skills this is a good way to do that.

The targets are hung up using small rubber bands and paper clips which helps keep the cost low for the targets as well as make it easy to replace if you hit the rubber band or paper clip and miss the target as I found out.


First Impressions: X Products X-15 Drum

I have been provided the materials needed for this review. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

While I know I mentioned this product months and months ago I finally have been able to start my reviews back up and the first thing I had to talk about was the X-Products X-15 AR-15 style 50 round drum mag.


First I would like to tell you some of the comments heard at the range this past week by range officers and other people who saw this magazine that day.

“You can feel the quality when you pick the mag up”

“You have this loaded with steel cased ammo? How are you not having feed problems?”

“This feels like I am shooting from a Magpul PMAG”

“I like the ease of loading and unloading” “Although it might be easier and more fun to unload it by shooting it”

(Noting the all metal build) “It feels like it can stand up to some hardcore abuse”

“For a drum mag, that is a reasonably affordable 50 round magazine”

“This is one of the nicest and most reliable drum I have seen on the range”


When I first got this drum I had some problems, my Wolf Polyformance 62 gr .223rem ammo loaded without any problems but when I went to unload by hand the rounds were getting stuck in middle of the mag so I had to carefully take the mag apart like it tells you how in the owner’s manual. I made the assumption it was metal on metal friction that was causing the problems  but as this was just a few weeks before SHOT ‘13 I figured I would just meet with the company and tell them my problem rather than calling. I met James Malarkey he told me that when I got back home he was going to pay to ship it back and take a look at it.

After SHOT he emailed me and kept me up to date on what he found the problem to be and shipped out a new one he loaded and tested himself.

X-Products stands by their line of Drum Mags.

I look forward to more testing with the magazine.

Gerber Steady Tool


  • Overall Length: 6″
  • Closed Length: 4″
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.
  • Cost: $64
  • Steel Type: 420J2 Stainless
  • Max Phone/Camera Weight: 170 grams/340 grams


Gerber has come out with a multi-tool for the 21-century called the steady tool. This multi-tool is combines two features that seems like one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas which is the pliers based multi-tool with a camera tripod added.

As a gun blogger I have a number of different tools and equipment I carry out to the range to help my reviews, such as a multi-tool and a small table tripod. Gerber as designed this multi-tool to do both.

There are two ways to mount a camera. One being the standard screw mount for your typical camera and suction cup to mount your smartphone.

At $64 for the whole set up you are not going to be breaking the bank to pick one up.  For those of us who have a multi-tool in their everyday carry (EDC) this is an easy change.  Then in case something cool starts happening all you have to do is pop your phone and multi-tool  out and you are ready to roll.

What do you keep on your AR rifle?

So the question I have is this what do we keep on our rifles that we have forgotten about?

I’m sure you are sitting there thinking I have this, this and this on my rifle. what do you mean I have forgotten about something? Well what are the rail attachments that we bought and mounted to our guns because we thought we needed that micro red dot or that IR laser but 90% of the time we only hunt or shoot from the bench with our rifles so these extras don’t get used.

My Samson forend is set up for quad rails and I have two little 2” on the left and right side of the rifle near the barrel in case I wanted to mount a camera or micro red dot or a laser but more times than not I use my main scope for all of my shots and never use that laser.

Bare boned my rifle weighs in at 8 pounds but once I start adding the scope and the forward grip and a laser and my micro red dot my rifle gets heavy at 11-12+ pounds.

Do we need to periodically review what we keep on our rifles and assess what we keep on them?