X-30R Rifle

X-30R Rifle

The X-30R is rifle now being manufactured by Excel Arms. While details are still limited on many aspects of this semi-auto .30 carbine, Here is a look at some of the info I managed to pull up.

Caliber: .30 Carbine
Height: 6.25”
Width: 1.5”
Weight (Empty): 6.25 Lbs.
Barrel Length: 18”
Overall Length: 34”-38”
Action and Operation: Semi auto, delayed blowback.
Magazine: Accepts M1 Carbine magazines.

These new rifles are being CNC milled from aluminum and will also feature threaded holes in the barrel shroud for rails, should you wish to add them. There are currently two models being produced. The “basic”, and “I.S.”(Iron Sights). Excel Arms is said to be working on multiple models of the X-30R to be released at some point later on this year, but I couldn’t seem to pull up anything that was more specific than saying a pistol variant should be among them. In any case, I’m sure we will be hearing more about the X-30 family in months to come. I will be keeping my eyes open for any new information to come out about tests of current models, and releases of new models.

For those unfamiliar with the .30 Carbine round, here is some size reference.

30 Carbine, 5.56mm NATO, 6x35 KAC, 5.7mm FN
.30 Carbine, 5.56mm NATO, 6x35mm KAC,  5.7x28mm

Gatling Gun Replica

Gatling Gun Replica


Colt is manufacturing functioning replica of the 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun.
The gun fires the .45-70 cartridges at a rate up to 800 rounds per minutes  (based on how fast you can spin the crank). The gun weighs around 250 lbs.

Colt brought it out to the media shoot day at SHOT 2012

The guys over at the Armory Blog got the chance to fire this gun a few times.

Pretty cool to see a gun like this in todays market.