Versa Max shotgun

Versa Max shotgun

Remington added some pictures a few months ago on their Facebook page showing the Versa Max shotgun being manufactured out of their factory in Ilion, NY.


Versa Max receiver blanks.


Versa Max receivers are made from solid blocks.


Versa Max barrels being prepared for the next step in the manufacturing process.


Remington Versa Max barrels that will be fitted to guns at our manufacturing facility


Remington Versa Max auto-loading shotguns, nearly ready to hit your retailer’s shelves


Remington Versa Max auto-loading shotguns, nearly ready to hit your retailer’s shelves



Taurus Judge

Taurus Judge


    Caliber: .45 Colt /.410 (2.5″ chamber)
    Grips: Ribber
    Capacity: 5
    Weight: 28.2 oz – 29 oz..
    Barrel Length: 2.5″ and 3”
    Construction: Steel
    Frame: Small
    Action: SA/DA
    Length: 9″
    Grooves: 6
    Safety: Firing Pin Block,Transfer Bar


The Taurus Judge is a nice gun to have for the versatility of being able to have a shotgun and a long pistol (round) all rolled in one.  I haven’t yet fired this but I have had a few chances to hold it and it is comfortable in the hand. I would like to feel first hand the recoil compared to a .357 mag or .38 SPL because from what I have read is it has about the same recoil as a medium frame .357 which isn’t a bad recoil and if you were shooting for fun it wouldn’t be a gun you would only take 2 shots from and say this is too much.

The combo pack (pictured above) I have yet to find a website or store who has it in stock and from Winchesters’ site it looks as if it might be discontinued. If you know of some place that is still selling it please contact us and let me know where.


10 Gauge

10 Gauge

10 Gauge are long green and 12 gauge are the short

I have had the opportunity a few times to shoulder a 10 gauge.  I wouldn’t carry it for hunting or skeet because it is very big and heavy and my 20 gauge kills the clay just the same.

I like using it for demonstration proposes with a slug. the 10 gauge shells we have used in the past have been 3 or 4 slugs stacked on top of each other and when blowing up a 5 gallon bucket of water it makes a nice show.

At this time I do not have a picture of it to post but next chance I get I will try and get a video of it and post it here on the site.

Browning BPS 10 Gauge

Gauge: 10
Barrel Length: 28″
Overall Length: 50″
Weight: 10 lbs. 9 oz.
Chamber: Size: 3 1/2″
Receiver:  Forged and machined steel
Barrel:  Ventilated rib
Action:  Bottom ejection • Dual steel action bars • 3 1/2″ chamber • Top-tang safety
Magazine capacity: 4+1
Stock: Composite stock and forearm with a camo finish
Features – Three Standard Invector™ choke tubes (Full,  Modified,  Improved Cylinder)   • Brass front bead sight

The 10 gauge is fun to shoot but with the adaptation of the 3” 12 gauge shells , we no longer needed a larger gauge to hold more pellets for hunting.  

This week is dedicated solely to shotguns so be sure to stay tuned in all week because I can tell you this week will surely end with a BANG!

Kel-Tec KSG

Kel-Tec KSG

I was asked to write about the Kel-Tec KSG bullpup pump action shotgun.ksg

From what I have found, this will be made for civilian purchase too.

I like the thought of bullpup’s for a PDW (personal defense weapon) simply because it is a full size weapon in a “smaller package”. In America, the bullpup design isn’t that widely purchased in the civilian market according what I have seen and read. I haven’t once been to a range and seen someone with one, and when at stores or in the gun shop the only ones I have seen have been the FN P90.

While researching this shotgun, I found that Kel-Tec reinforced the cover on the action with 1/16” steel, to protect the shooter. Should the gun have a failure, this should force the failure to blow down through the rear ejection port towards the ground and away from your head.

Caliber: 12 gauge 2.75″
Action: Pump
Capacity: 14+1
Magazine: Two 7 round tube magazines
Barrel 18.5″
Overall Length: 26.1″
Weight: 6.9 lbs. (unloaded), 8.5 lbs. (loaded)
Rails: 2 Picatinny rail (1 above and 1 below the barrel)
Ambidextrous use for both right and left handed shooters


It looks like this shotgun will be released to the market Fall 2011

The fact that this weapon has two 7 round tube magazines, allows you carry 2 different shotgun shells and select which side the gun feeds from (so you can carry slugs in one side and 00 buck shot in the in the other or whatever you please). You also have the ability to select the magazine side the shotguns feeds from, or allows you to select both tubes at the same time; all with a simple selector lever on the gun.

This shotgun works well for many law enforcement applications, because it allows the law enforcement personnel to carry a non lethal round or door breach rounds along with something with more punch without having to switch weapons.

Browning invector bps special steel

Browning invector bps special steel

I have been spending a lot of time giving all the love to the rifles and pistols lately that the shot gun has felt a little left out.

My first shotgun was a Browning invector bps 20 gauge and it is a BEAUTIFUL gun! IMG_2823

As you can see the ejector port isn’t on the right side nor is it on the left which makes this a very nice gun for me when I got out to the range with my Father who is left handed because it ejects on the bottom as well as loads.

I have shot a good number of shot guns over the years and I have even run a few Shotgun ranges and of all the guns I have come across and had the opportunity to shoot this had been one of the smoothest pump actions I had handled.

Gauge: 20

Magazine Capacity: 4

Barrel Length: 22″

Overall Length: 42 1/2″

Weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.

Chamber Size: 3″