New GEARS writers: SAWGunner

Salutations! My name is SAWGunner (SAWG for the sake of brevity) and I will be a staff writer of sorts for Gears of Guns. On top of being a staff writer I will also be working on the website look and functionality. So if you notice anything gone awry on the website, shoot me a message.


So what makes me qualified to talk about firearms? I served four years active duty in the Army and am currently in the Reserves. Taking full advantage of my military status I have fired many weapons the Army has to offer, short of tanks, that is. I have qualified with a number of small arms such as the M9, M16, M4 and M249B (SAW). The SAW was my assigned weapon for the longest time. Fair warning, I will use the metric system. So expect me to use meters and variations thereof. Also, I’m here to talk about firearms, not the military. So let’s keep it on topic.


Now I must demonstrate some humility. I’d wager Mr. James has spent far more time at the range with different guns than I have. So if you have any in-depth gun/ammunition questions, he is your man. I look forward to spending some time at the range with the Gears of Guns crew and getting some good posts off the ground.

1 of 2 new GEARS writers: Caleb

Atticus, invited me to write a few Gears of Guns blogs to offer an engineers’ viewpoint of firearms.  Here is a bit of an introduction about me, so that you can get to know who is writing. I am an engineering student in Texas, and I have a love for all things that make a bang (or anything that would suppress things that make bangs for that matter). I pride myself in my ability to critically think and to both understand and design complex mechanical systems, and I am hoping to provide something of an engineers’ perspective on how things work, and if they work well,  with my articles.

I was asked to choose a few of my favorite firearms to include in my introductory post, but honestly I’m not entirely sure I could choose. There are so many amazing firearms out there that I would have to fire them all side by side before I could ever chose a true favorite. If I was forced to choose two of my most liked firearms I would have to go for two-time proven models. The Colt 1911 and the AK-47. Neither gun is the best at everything, but both are amazingly engineered and deserve recognition for it. I expect to be able to go into more details on my personal preferences and “professional” opinions on individual firearms in the following months.

I’m Caleb, and hopefully I’ll be hanging around for a while.

REVIEW: FN-H FS2000 Range review PT.2


The conclusion to the gears review on the FN-H FS2000 bullpup.

Polymer frame/ comfort:
The polymer frame and ergonomics of the grip and fore grip makes the rifle lightweight and comfortable to shoot for extended amounts of time.

After a day of shooting the gun never heated up to uncomfortable point.

Sling and carrying
While shooting the rifle in a more tactical range we found that carrying and shooting the rifle without the sling is not as comfortable.

Left handed shooting

The GEARS crew has a left handed shooter who went out with us.

Compared to the Sig we were also shooting I found the FS 2000 to be much more comfortable.  Being left handed a problem that commonly occurs is getting hot brass in the face, with this rifle, no problem. (Written by DJ. GEARS left handed shooter)

As we said in part 1 on Monday of the review (link at the bottom of this page)
The is not your standard AR style mag release and requires the shooter to press the (Ambidextrous bottom mounted) magazine release while they pull the magazine out.
It took a a few reloads before it becomes easier and after a day of shooting blind magazine change becomes more easy without having to take your eye of the target.

Felt recoil
The recoil on this gun is lower (.223 has low recoil) when compared to our AR-15 and about the same when compared to our SIG556s

Shooting off the bench rest or standing with firing in a fast semi-auto burst we could still stay on target and keep about and 2” to 4” grouping with no problem.

The Ambidextrous safety in the trigger guard is a nice feature. but other than that no real comment on the safety.

Comments on the rifle:

Clearing the weapon: It always seemed we had to rack the charging handle back twice just to be sure the round came out of the rifle.

The forward ejection: Standing alone at the table or with no one to our right the ejection was nice but when a person was standing to our right they sometimes were hit with spent brass.

Cleaning: After breaking down the rifle we  didn’t have to take the bolt carrier apart to clean like our AR-15 which made cleaning quick and simple.

Accuracy: center grouping was taken off the bench rest and the other holes were from sighting in and when doing semi-auto burst fire.



For part 1 of the review Click here or specs and other info Click here or for a video about how to field strip the weapon Click here.

REVIEW: FN-H FS2000 Range review. PT.1


The GEARS crew went out to the range to sight in our new rifles and get a feel for them so we could better review them.

We shot about 200 rounds running M855 5.56×45mm 62-grain ball cartridge, green tip steel penetrator rounds.

After an extended range time with this rifle we have had a better chance to review it.

We can now expand on our original Pros and cons:

Uses AR-15 magazines.
AR-15 Metal magazines are cheap and easy to find, if you own an AR-15 style rifle you can buy one type of magazine for both rifles.

While on the range we took the rifle and shot it from the bench rest, seated w/o the bench rest and standing and rifle remained relatively stable and on target after each shot
Full size gun in a small package (Bullpup)
The Bullpup design allows for different height and build shooters to fire the rifle without the need of changing a stock length or forend grips.
The weight of the rifle is mostly centered in the middle of the rifle making the recoil low and reducing some of the muzzle climb when fired in semi-auto.


Chamber access is limited.
With the ejection port at the front of the rifle the chamber has very little access when fully assembled making clearing jams or brass stuck in the barrel hard to do.

The only malfunction we had was a double feed which was easy to remedy by removing the magazine and locking the charging handle to the rear.
Magazine doesn’t drop free.
This wasn’t so much a problem for us at the range. A shooter who has been trained on the AR style mag release will need to relearn the motions for releasing the magazine. This requires the shooter to press the (Ambidextrous bottom mounted) magazine release while they pull the magazine out.
No Polymer magazines.
The rifle only uses metal magazines.


For specs and other info Click here or for a video out how to field strip the weapon Click here


Top 10 Favorite Rifles

Top 10 Favorite Rifles

This week will be for Top Ten favorites of the Gears of Guns crew. It will be broken up into 4 categories: Rifles, Pistols, Bullet calibers and “other”.

if you have a gun you think we didn’t consider please feel free to share it with us.


The AR-15 is at the top of our list because it is for lack of better wording the ”Barbie” for men. This weapon system is highly customizable to fit the users wants and needs. 

PRO:  The weapon system can be changed to fit the shooter, everything from the caliber to the barrel length, to trigger group, letting the shooter find the perfect combination to fit them.

CON:  Possible malfunctions due to semi-auto action gas system causing them to break. Most of the cons we have for this weapon stems from size of caliber or internal firing mechanisms from different manufacturers.

Remington 700

The Remington Model 700 is number 2 on our list because of it reliability. The weapon has been used by both hunters and snipers. The weapon has been battle proven for years as the M24 Sniper rifle and is an all around a good rifle.

PRO: Multiple calibers and styles to fit the gun to the shooter, the weapon has high accuracy and is designed to last.

CON: Being a bolt action rifle the shooter may have to take their eye off the target to chamber the next round or to reload the 5 round flush magazine.


Knights Armament M110

The M110 is based off of the AR-10 and is a Semi Auto Sniper System (SASS). The rifle fires the .308/7.62NATO cartridge which has an effective range of 800 Meters.

PRO: The weapon is semi-auto letting the shooter acquire the target and keep an eye on the target after they fire the  weapon.

CON: The .308win does not have the range that some of the newer sniper rifles rounds have, such the .338 Lapua or The .408 Chey-Tac and .50 BMG.

Chey-Tac M200 .408 sniper rifle

The Chey-Tac M200 intervention fires the .408 Chey-Tac bullet. This rifle has set its mark in the sniper community as an anti-personnel as well as an anti-material weapon at long range because it has a better ballistics table than the .50 BMG

PRO: Can take out a target at well over 2000 Meters

CON: Same as the Remington 700 in that it is a bolt action.

FN P90

The FN P90 is a killer punch in a tiny package.

PRO: the weapon platform is small allowing for close quarters combat while still carrying upwards of 50 rounds.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.


The M14 is another time proven weapon. This weapon as been in service since 1957 and is still being made. the M14 fires the 7.62NATO round  allowing for the weapon to go from medium range out to long range sniping.

PRO: Semi-auto fire, 7.62NATO round,  800 Meters effective range.

CON: it weighs in at 11 pounds and is not a weapon you could easily use in CQB

H&K G36

Heckler-Koch G36  like the AR-platform lets the shooter customize the weapon to fit how the weapon will be used.

PRO: Reliable and accurate

CON: The weapon only fires the 5.56NATO round which is a small projectile and does not have the stopping power that a .30 caliber projectile has.



FN Herstal SCAR-H MK.17 is similar to the AR. FN makes a few different  versions of the SCAR but the SCAR-H is chambered in the .308/7.62NATO round which has the stopping power and range to take down targets at various ranges.

PRO: quick change barrel and heavy caliber

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.


The AK-47 has been used by militaries the world over. The round is cheap and easy to find and has a better stopping power than the 5.56NATO.

PRO: the weapon works dirty filled with sand and water and keeps firing

CON: the weapon is not as accurate as an AR-15 or other similar weapons.

Ruger 10-22

We couldn’t talk rifles without talking about this .22 LR. this is one of the most well known .22s other there. it has been designed to do one thing and do it well and that is shoot .22s all day long.

PRO: cheap. fun to shoot, easy to find ammo and companies make lots of different stocks to let the user have many different looking guns from a G36 to an AR-15 to double barreled “machine” gun.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.

Versa Max shotgun

Versa Max shotgun

Remington added some pictures a few months ago on their Facebook page showing the Versa Max shotgun being manufactured out of their factory in Ilion, NY.


Versa Max receiver blanks.


Versa Max receivers are made from solid blocks.


Versa Max barrels being prepared for the next step in the manufacturing process.


Remington Versa Max barrels that will be fitted to guns at our manufacturing facility


Remington Versa Max auto-loading shotguns, nearly ready to hit your retailer’s shelves


Remington Versa Max auto-loading shotguns, nearly ready to hit your retailer’s shelves



10mm vs. .40 S&W

10mm vs. .40 S&W


Left to right: 10mm, .40S&W

My father purchased the contents of a storage building a few years back and as I was helping him clean out the building and empty the boxes I found a few boxes of 10mm rounds. being someone who collects different rounds I come across I put a few in my collection and put the rest of the rounds in my safe.

The 10mm and the .40 are very similar in most every way but in length of the case (brass).


Left to right: 10mm, .40S&W

The .40 s&w was designed after The FBI tested the 9mm and the .45ACP to replace their  .38 spl revolver with a semi auto pistol because it could carry more rounds and would be easier to reload in the field. during the testing the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Firearms Training Unit John Hall  included the 10mm round, using his personal Colt Delta Elite 10mm semi-automatic pistol.

The FBI contracted Smith & Wesson to design a handgun to FBI specifications, based on the existing large-frame S&W 4506 .45 ACP handgun.They found that the could use less powder and still meet the velocity specifications and They also found that by shorten the 10mm case enough it would fit within their medium-frame 9mm handguns.

Smith and Wesson teamed up with Winchester to develop the .40 S&W and when the gun and ammo was released it was an immediate success with both law enforcement and the general public.


Left to right: 10mm, .40 S&W (charts from Wiki)

And if you have a bullet or a gun you would let to see featured here Contact us and let us know.

[Special thanks to a Misplaced beast]

Glock 21 vs. M1911

Glock 21 vs. M1911

I was recently presented with a question about which I like better the Glock 21 or the M1911?

This isn’t an easy question for me to just answer but I will try. I own and love my Glock 21 .45 ACP I have been through a lot with my gun and have shot personally about 500 rounds through it in the 3 years I have owned it and when I got this gun it was “pre-loved” by someone else and when I first took the gun apart it was clear he loved it too just by the wear he had put on the gun.

I have shot and holstered a few different M1911s all of which have had their own characteristics  and I can say I like the feel, size and I do like the recoil for some reason. (I know it might be a little much for some people but we aren’t talking about other people) I have a love/hate relationship with the magazine. I love the look and the size of the magazine and how well you can carry so many magazines without taking up that much space on your belt so you don’t feel like you’re carrying Batman’s utility belt (unless that is what you are going for at which point I suggest taking a strong look at becoming a peace officer because they carry all the COOL stuff *quizzical look at self*) nevertheless I hate the 7 round capacity it offers.

I like the polymer based magazines out on the market for other guns because it puts less wear on the gun (no metal on metal). If you know of a polymer M1911 7 round magazine please email me because I haven’t found one yet.


As I said before I have the Glock 21 and I love it. I have had a few problems over the past few years but we have gotten over them such as having a round without powder fired through the gun followed by a “live” round causing a bulge in the middle of my Glock barrel (see Glock 21 for full story) but that was a ammunition problem not a Glock problem. I will say I am thankful it was in a Glock for the simple fact that it just messed up the barrel and didn’t blow up the whole gun. I have  fired this weapon in close quarters without any hearing protection (unlike with the M1911 you will have a ringing in your ears for a few hours if you are lucky.  In no way am I advocating not wearing ear protection when firing your weapon.) and I will say I was happy because I have heard car horns louder than this gun and it was soft enough that someone in the same building who was sleeping slept right through the shot. Now I will say I do have a few marks towards this gun that are personal problems. I like that it is a full size weapon and has a nice big hand grip for us manly men however someone with smaller hands might not like the feel because it can be a little big. (And again this is more personal than a gun problem) The takedown pin for the gun makes it hard for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome to take the gun apart again however on the same side of this coin the take down for cleaning it very fast and simple. The magazine is bulky but it has a 13 round capacity so it is like carrying two magazines of the M1911. It is polymer which I love because it makes the gun lightweight and \as you may have seen in the torture tests makes the gun want to last longer.


Speaking of my Glock, my sights are WAY off! Maybe I will go in and get them to sight the gun in this week. I’ll keep you all posted.

A friend told me he might be buying a M1911 here soon. Maybe if I am really nice I can get him to do a guest post for me on his trip of going out and getting one. 

I introduced Glock to a very old and dear friend of mine who was thinking about buying his first gun and I went shopping with him a few times to look at different guns and he did his research and found that the Glock 22 .40 S&W was the gun for him and when he called me telling me what he got I was proud to say I had a small role in him joining the Glock Family.

10 rules for Safe Gun Handling

10 rules for Safe Gun Handling

1. Always treat the weapon as if it was loaded.

2. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

3. Always keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

4. Always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to use it.

5. Never point the gun at anything you don’t intend to kill or destroy.

6. ALWAYS know your target and the backdrop you are shooting at.

7. Be aware of your surroundings. Knowing where you are shooting and what you are shooting at is important to maintain proper gun safety.

8. Always wear safety protection (safety glasses and eye protection)

9. Know and understand how the weapon operates.

10. When finished shooting always check and clear your weapon. (Rule 1 ALWAYS Applies. No exceptions)


Always remember that guns are not toys and should always treated with respect.

Day in the life of…

Day in the life of…

Gears of guns.







There is 3.6 gun  to every 1 Gears of Guns crew member for most weekends we go out shooting. Every crew member averages 435 rounds per weekend which is about 121 rounds  through each weapon. Each crew member spends about $74 per weekend on ammunition. I guess that is the real reason we only do a big shooting trip once every few months.

Hope you all are enjoying the site and don’t forget to comment and Email us!

John Browning’s Model 1911 pistol

John Browning’s Model 1911 pistol

A friend reminded me that today is the BIG 100th birthday of John browning’s M1911 pistol.


Since it was introduced and fielded for the US military they have ordered 2.7 MILLION Handguns. The gun was designed by John M. Browning and was adopted by the US Army on March 29, 1911. The M1911 design has been changed very little throughout the past 100 years.

Caliber: .45 ACP
Magazine: 7-round standard magazine.
Type: Semi-automatic pistol
Action: Short recoil operation


With this gun being manufactured by so many companies… Who is your favorite? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.