Hi, I am Panzerfaust which for those of you who do not know the Panzerfaust was a German single shot tank killer and translates to English to mean “tank fist” or “Armor Fist”.
I have known Atticus for a number of years now and when he invited me to start blogging with him I jumped on the chance. My father gave me my Remington 870 Shotgun and my Remington 700 chambered in .243 win for my fifteenth birthday and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Since everyone else has picked a subject they wanted to focus on I think I will too. I love taking my 870 and testing out different 12 gauge shells so I think I will work with shotguns and ammo. With this opportunity I hope to get the chance to test out as many different shotguns and shell varieties for the site as possible.

Video Tuesday!!! Am I losing my job???

As you have seen so far the GEARS crew is growing and we still haven’t introduced everyone yet a few people have yet to send me their bios *cough* LOU, PanzerFaust and Cannon fodder *cough*.

Cannon Fodder will be taking over Video Tuesday starting next week so it should be interesting to see what he posts. So this shall be my last Video Tuesday for awhile.

SPOILER** We are getting this rifle to test in the next few months.


Hello, I am the Hammer and started shooting with Atticus back in the scouts where we both got our Eagle Scout award. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and going on adventures, especially when I was young and had the time. Now, many years later I still enjoy doing those things and since Atticus is a pro when it comes to guns, I figured I might as well learn from the best! I am still a new shooter, with a lot to learn. I think having an interest and curiosity is important when it comes to learning about this industry and guns in general.

I am a Civil Engineering graduate, currently working on my Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering. I will be graduating very soon and hope to go into the industry soon thereafter. My career is something that is very important to me; however, I feel that you have to make time for the things that you care about, and going to the gun range is one of those things.

After shooting with Atticus I wanted to get into the sport so, I went out and bought a Norinco SKS rifle which is one of my favorites to shoot. I also picked up a Glock G21 .45 ACP pistol. I don’t like to get into the Glock vs. 1911 debate because I know everyone has their own feelings towards one or the other. However, I enjoy shooting both of them for different reasons.

Throughout this blog, I will bring my new shooters point of view to the reviews as I get a chance to shoot with Atticus and the Old Man Lefty.  I enjoy getting to test new guns and in particular, I really enjoy when we get to test lights and rail attachments that help me improve my shooting.

Thanks for looking at my blog, please feel free to let me know of any questions you may have!

Old Man Lefty

Hello I am Old man lefty. I am Atticus James’ father. I was first introduced into the gun world by my Father in-law. He first took me hunting and after a few trips I took down a 7 point Buck with my .30-06 1903 Springfield. Since that point I haven’t had much interest in hunting but I found a passion for firearms.

I am proud to say that I am Atticus’ Left handed shooter who he has previously posted about. He has invited me to take up helping him with reviews from a left handed shooters point of view.

Since ammo price are so high I don’t shoot as much as I would like to but I am an avid sailor and I am in talks with Atticus to get me a .50 caliber Browning machine gun (M2/ma-deuce) so I can mount it on the front of my sailboat in case of pirates on my favorite sailing lakes.

I look forward to doing my best to bring the best left handed review I can.

REVIEW: Versacarry

You may have noticed that my installment of the versacarry review trilogy has been somewhat delayed. This certainly isn’t a result of versacarry making a complicated or difficult to use product, but instead from my lack of a concealed handgun license. I was hoping to have completed my licensing course and have some real world experience with the holster before I made my conclusive review of the product, but due to a lack of funding on my part, and a but of a deadline for the review, here it goes.

If you haven’t seen the previous reviews, you may want to read through this before hand.

First off, I am very thankful that we got this product for review. It is different and interesting at the very least, and being able to work with the holster and get a good feel for how it feels and functions proved that it is much more than just a novel idea. The execution of this idea for a minimalistic holster is beautiful, simple, and effective.
The first thing I noticed about this holster was exactly how little material it consists of. Its just so small. If I hadn’t read up on it before it was put in my hands, I wouldn’t have known what to do with it. The size of the whole package is excellent, but that actually wasn’t my favorite part. As cool as it is to have a few more millimeters shaved off that little bulge my M&P .40 makes on my waist, the best and most important part of the versacarry is how easy and reliable it is on the draw.
Now I am in no capacity and expert on holsters or concealed carry situations/requirements, but I do know a thing or two about efficiency and consistency. the clasp on versacarry holsters is a stout one. With an angled protrusion on its end the clip stayed rather firmly in place as I drew repeatedly from my jeans even without a belt on. Using it like it was intended; with a belt in place , the versacarry is going nowhere fast and let my pistol slide out very smoothly very consistently.
Argh. I just remembered another test I haven’t gotten time to run yet. As soon as I get my hands on a linear scale I will be measuring and posting exactly how firmly the versacarry holds my M&P .40 and hopefully a few other handguns in place. For now just rest assured that for such little contact area between the holster and the firearm, it is a comfortably tight fit. I wouldn’t ever worry about any unwanted movement or the possibility of slipping out.
The only problem I see with the versacarry, is the potential difficulty of training with it. Not being able to re-settle the pistol on your versacarry without removing it from your pants would make repeated drawing a bit more tedious. Obviously in a real life situation use of a versacarry only necessitates one draw.
All in all, I like it quite a lot, and fully intend on using versacarry as soon as I am licensed.

Versacarry [UPDATE]

After posting this review I was contacted by Versacarry to help me make a few corrections

  1. Belts MUST be worn with this carry system.
  2. if you have a longer barrel than what is normal specs (threaded barrel, compensated barrel or other) be sure to make note of that when purchasing this carry system.
    I made that mistake and made a comment on the safety of my carry with this system due to a misunderstanding on my part. With the proper trigger guard this safety issue has been rectified.
       “The trigger guard may not be in the correct place because of your threaded barrel. Our product is sized based on barrel length, so if you’ll give us the length of your threaded barrel
    we can get you the correct size to provide more than ample trigger coverage. Its like trying to stick a size 10 foot in a size 8 shoe.” (From Versacarry)
  3. By patent definition, the Versacarry is not a “holster”. So, in this case you must re-holster your Versacarry and gun every time
    the gun is drawn. However, on a day-to-day basis if you need to remove your weapon just un-clip the Versacarry and remove the weapon
    and Versacarry as one unit just in reverse of how it went on. For range drills this can be a little more work, but in day to day life the Versacarry
    and weapon will only be separated for two things, cleaning, and a life or death situation.” (from Versacarry)
  4. I made the comment that you could simply change the barrel retention rod but at this time Versacarry does not allow you to change out the rods. they will have a version later that will allow you to do that.

Versacarry swiftly responded back about this. 

REVIEW: FN-H FS2000 Range review. PT.1


The GEARS crew went out to the range to sight in our new rifles and get a feel for them so we could better review them.

We shot about 200 rounds running M855 5.56×45mm 62-grain ball cartridge, green tip steel penetrator rounds.

After an extended range time with this rifle we have had a better chance to review it.

We can now expand on our original Pros and cons:

Uses AR-15 magazines.
AR-15 Metal magazines are cheap and easy to find, if you own an AR-15 style rifle you can buy one type of magazine for both rifles.

While on the range we took the rifle and shot it from the bench rest, seated w/o the bench rest and standing and rifle remained relatively stable and on target after each shot
Full size gun in a small package (Bullpup)
The Bullpup design allows for different height and build shooters to fire the rifle without the need of changing a stock length or forend grips.
The weight of the rifle is mostly centered in the middle of the rifle making the recoil low and reducing some of the muzzle climb when fired in semi-auto.


Chamber access is limited.
With the ejection port at the front of the rifle the chamber has very little access when fully assembled making clearing jams or brass stuck in the barrel hard to do.

The only malfunction we had was a double feed which was easy to remedy by removing the magazine and locking the charging handle to the rear.
Magazine doesn’t drop free.
This wasn’t so much a problem for us at the range. A shooter who has been trained on the AR style mag release will need to relearn the motions for releasing the magazine. This requires the shooter to press the (Ambidextrous bottom mounted) magazine release while they pull the magazine out.
No Polymer magazines.
The rifle only uses metal magazines.


For specs and other info Click here or for a video out how to field strip the weapon Click here


Colt SP901 [UPDATE]

Colt SP901 [UPDATE]


Colt SP901 

Colt is working on releasing this new rifle come December 2011. The release dates for this weapon has been changed a few times (April 2011 and August 2011) so we will see if they have it out by Christmas time so Santa can put it in your stocking if you have been a good little shooter this year.

The .308/ 7.62NATO magazine is a P-Mag (SR-25 style magazines).