Flash Bang 12 gauge shotgun shell



I thought this was pretty awesome! It is a 12 gauge flash BANG shell

This shell was developed as a stun/diversion round used for riots or in clearing a building for law enforcement. When fired this rounds makes a loud bang and a bright flash to stun someone, when fired, the concussion and explosive blast is directional and produces between 175-182 db. Testing showed no penetration in 10% ballistic gelatin at 8 feet.

The round is similar to a diversionary grenade (a flash-bang) and designed to be aimed at the floor or ceiling at a 45 degree angle and never intentionally at a person or object.
This round should to be used with screw in chokes.

The new Versa Max shotgun


Action: Semi-auto
Gauge: 12 gauge
Bore: 2.75″ – 3″- 3.5″
Stock: Synthetic
Material/Finish:Steel/TriNyte coating with nickel plated bore
Barrel Length:26″ and 28″
Weight: 7.5 pounds or 7.7 pounds
Overall Length: 46.9375″ and 49.9375″
Sights: Hi-Viz interchangeable sights
Scope: Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
Chokes: Extra full Full Improved cylinder Modified
Capacity: 2 (3.5) 3 (2.75 or 3)
Features: Cold hammer forged barrel; over-molded grips; nickel plated barrel; and shoots magnum shells


(This gun weighs about the same as the Beretta A391 Xtrema 2, 12GA, 3.5 which has similar specs.)


I have used a number of auto loading (semi-auto) shotguns everything from Beretta to Browning  to Remington and Benelli. I have in the past favored the Beretta because it has had the smoothest action of the guns I have shot. I have been reading the reviews on this gun and how it is performing in the real world both competition and hunting and have seem mostly good things coming from this gun.

If you have used this shotgun I would like to hear your views on this gun both good and bad if you have them.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as we end this week in a BANG!  

Top 10 list

Here is a top 10 list of things we would like to shoot in our videos.

  • Mini beer kegs
  • TVs
  • Hard drives
  • Cans of spray paint
  • Watermelons
  • Playing cards
  • Plates
  • An egg
  • 5 gallon bucket of water
  • Cans of food

If you have an item you would like to see us shoot contact us with that and maybe we can post it in our next video!


Welcome to Video Tuesday!
I found this video last night and thought it was interesting to say the least.

on Video Tuesday we will be posting videos we have found from youtube and hopefully here in the near future we can be posting our videos (on Video Tuesday!) of the fun things you’d like to see us shoot at! Remember to Send us Emails with things you would like us to talk about on our blog or send us information on your guns with pictures and maybe we can write about it!