Handguns: Shot Show 2016

Here is a collection of what we saw in the handgun arena at the show.  We saw such a variety in sizes, colors and designs that we can only show you a few of the best of the photos of the show.

These photos are just a few of the best photos taken.  They are meant to show the variety of what is to be seen at Shot Show and are not necessarily a reflection of our editorial support.


American Derringer:

American Derringer

Collection of American Derringers



Cimarron Revolvers

Cimerron Revolvers


Colt 1911 2Colt 1911 3Colt 1911Colt PistolsColtCool Colt Handguns


CZ Pistols




European American Amory Corp:

European Amerian Amory Corp Pistols




F. LLI PIETTA Revolver


Glock 17

Glock 19Glock 42




Glock G36


Kahr Arms:

Kahr Arms Dusty Rose Handguns

Metro Arms:

Metro Arms Pistols

Republic Forge:

Republic Forge Handguns


Republic Forge Pistols


Ruger Pistols


Ruger Revolvers


Sarsilmaz Handgun

Sarsilmaz Pink and Purple Handguns


Smith & Wesson:

Smith & Wesson RevolverSmith & Wesson RevolversSmith & WessonSmith and Wesson


Sphnix SDP Krypton Duty

Springfield Armory:


Taylors & Co:

Taylor's & Co Revolvers


Uberti Revolvers

Atticus James is traveling in India for the month of February.  You can follow his adventures at AtticusJames.com.  In the meantime, he has left all of the photos from Shot Show 2016 for those of us left behind to post for him.  (This would explain any issues with photos being mislabeled.  Apologies in advance if this happens).

Poll: What does your range offer you?

Typically there are three different types of ranges a shoot can go to. A range open to the public, a range that is members only and requires a yearly or monthly fee or land you or a friend owns that you normally shoot on.

Today we are polling about what your range offers you and your shooting experience. If you shoot on your own land or a friends land please only answer that part of the poll.

What does your range offer you polll

The polls have been split between Public and membership ranges. Please select all that apply to your range.


Ghost Targets

Last week I was contacted by Casper (Mike) over at GhostTargets.com wanting to meet up with us to review his reactive targets.


The targets are about the size of a cap of chap stick all the way up to the size of a large marshmallow. The targets come in 3 sizes 5/8″, 7/8″, & 1 1/8″.

Ghost targets are a proprietary chalk looking target that poofs when you hit them. As we learned from talking and shooting with the owner of GhostTargets.com the targets work best if they are not sitting right on a backing that you might attach paper targets to so you want to hang them so they are dangling 6 inches or more away.

Ghost Targets are for firearms that are zeroed in only. Since you don’t want them against a paper targets you have to know that you are zeroed in.

I’ve been asked how I came up with the idea for these targets and the name. It started when I was watching the TV show Top Shot on the History Channel it seemed everything they shot exploded or re-acted in an extreme way, then was shown in slow motion, very cool! It was so cool that I was inspired to create targets that would re-act in the same way and be safe for kids to use. About 50 formulations later and I had my targets.

The name was thought of after talking to my friend that runs a shooting range and he said he just ordered the hottest new target “Zombie” targets. I asked what they did and he laughed and said they don’t do anything they’re just paper with pics of zombies. Zombies made me think of dead things and dead things lead me to ghosts and I had my name, Ghost Targets!

[From GhostTargets.com]


Panzer and I will be working on sighting in his new .30-06 and plan to have these targets up once we are zeroed in for a little friendly competition.

They might not seem all that much fun if you have never tried them but after hitting the three in a row I was ready to reset and keep blasting them. It reminds me of shooting and dusting clay pigeons when shooting shotguns.

This is a fun way to change-up your shooting trips and if you are looking for a way to test your sharpshooting skills this is a good way to do that.

The targets are hung up using small rubber bands and paper clips which helps keep the cost low for the targets as well as make it easy to replace if you hit the rubber band or paper clip and miss the target as I found out.


Glock 30S

Glock 30S

GLOCK has a new model, the G30S (Slim), originally designed for an elite law enforcement unit and a great firearm for concealed carry. The GLOCK Engineers took the slender GLOCK 36 in .45 AUTO and paired it with parts from the big-bore GLOCK 30 SF. The GLOCK 30S has a 10+1 capacity magazine and can also except the GLOCK 21 magazine that holds 13 rounds.


After examining the G30S I was not disappointed, it has the external qualities from GLOCK you have grown accustom to; the paradigm-setting polymer receiver, The GLOCK SAFE ACTION fire control system, allowing the shooter to use three independent automatic safeties fast; a super-hard, corrosion-resistant, low-reflective external finish on the slide, barrel and GLOCK night sights; and the GLOCK standard cold-hammer-forged barrel with octagonal rifling for the .45 AUTO cartridge. When I was walking up to the table the G30S appears identical to a GLOCK 30, but when I reached the booth I noticed the G30S slide was actually thinner then the G30’s.


When I picked up the GLOCK 30S it fit comfortably in my hand, you can feel the Short frame/Gen4 frame design immediately.

Atticus with his larger hands still said it was comfortable in his hands. Over all I really liked the gun and would use it for my own personal carry.


Gifts for the Gals

With the holidays quickly approaching I know you are starting to think about what to get the women in your life for the holidays. Good news, your search is over! Personally I celebrate Christmas and would love to see any of the items in the article under my tree, so I know the gal shooters in your life will love this stuff.

While doing research one night I came across The Well Armed Women, and they have some very beautiful jewelry that any woman, shooter or not, would absolutely love. I know I do! For the shotgun shooter in your life, look into getting her a “Shot Through the Heart” brass or silver heart pendant with a Winchester 28 gauge shotgun shell, gun and heart charm for $49.99!


So I am so excited about the next product! Urban Moxy is the first conceal carry purse that doesn’t look like an old lady’s bag! Krista, the designer of the purses, knows firsthand what a lady is looking for in a purse for her firearm. This purse is kid friendly and by that I mean it has a special feature called “The locket pocket”, and a dangle chain for easy grab and go. At the moment it does not fit a full size firearm but don’t worry they are working on offering pocket-size options. The purse I fell In love with was the Nicole, it is $99.99. And that is a great deal for such I beautiful purse.


I don’t know about your girl, but I love wearing t-shirts. Off Hand Gear has some of the cutest and comfiest shooting related shirts out there. The shirts are made in America, which I love, by American Apparel. And the cut of the shirts you just can’t beat! They fit amazingly because they are shooting related shirts actually made for women! I personally was getting tired of not having any options other than the men’s shirts at the gun shows!


I know I didn’t showcase that much today for gift ideas but between the three sites I gave you I covered jewelry, purses and clothing. You can’t say I didn’t cover the basics for shopping for a girl! Good luck guys on the shopping, and don’t forget you can get your girl presents anytime of the year and if it’s shooting related… I have to say sir you hit the jackpot on finding a lady that loves shooting, she deserves to get a gift from one of these places.

Be nice to range officers

Be nice to range officers

I have worked at a shooting range for a number of years. We get people from all walks of life. Some of the people who come in scare the living daylight out of me, and some are welcoming and sweet. On my lucky days,I would have a cool shooter come in that would actually teach me something new. But, on my “not so lucky days”, I’d have shooters, who would come in with terrible aim, and even worse attitudes. Having these combinations of people come in and out has left me with a lot of good and bad stories.
   It was mid-July and it has to be at least a hundred degrees. We just got the after lunch rush and I felt like I was melting. I barely got to eat lunch myself. There were at least fifteen people waiting to get on the line and the heat was making everyone a little cranky. Myself and one other range officer were in charge of running three bays. Every lane had at least one shooter and things were getting pretty chaotic. That day had me at the max on my “stress odometer.” On days like this one, I wouldn’t recommend talking smack about any R.O., and definitely not to a regular customer. One of the great things about building a relationship with the regulars that come in is knowing that they’ll have your back. On days like this one, this came in handy. Some rude guy decided to talk crap about me saying that I didn’t know what I was doing, and had no business being a range officer. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but, due to the heart that was cooking everyone alive, I had no patience with this guy. I didn’t sugar coat any of my impatience when I told him, “I am not going to kick someone off because you think you’re special.” This guy got so mad! As far as I was concerned, it wasn’t my fault that he decided to come shoot at the same time as everyone else.
   After storming off, one of my regulars informed me that this gentlemen was saying rude things about me behind my back. Yes, I am a girl, but no, that does not make me any less knowledgeable about guns, or less capable to run my line. To teach this guy a lesson, I decided to act exactly like the “ignorant girl” he thought I was. “Silly me” forgot how much AR-15’s throw cartridges, almost right at the person next to them, and when it was finally time to get our new favorite person on the line, guess where I put him. That’s right! I put him at the very end, in the tactical bay. All the brass was attracted to him, it must have been karma. Ironically this guy had a big mouth, and a little gun. Let’s just say once he got on the line, he didn’t shoot for very long.
   The moral of this story is: Don’t talk crap about your R.O.’s, especially if it’s a female that knows what she is doing.


Nikki Lane for Video Tuesday.

Atticus Introduced us to The Gun Bunny last week and as he has told me We have a lot more planned when it comes to female shooters.

We are hoping the bring in a female audience to help show that this is not just a men’s sport.

YES beautiful women like guns too! Some of them even know a lot about shooting and guns so give them a chance and stay tuned I hear Atticus and The Gun Bunny have some fun events planned for this site.