CGI: Custom Paint Jobs

This week on Cool Guns of The Internet: Today’s post is brought to you by paint. If you have a firearm you would like us to post in next weeks CGI all you have to do is send us a picture of your firearms via email, at “” and we’ll post it! But tell us what the firearm is and for more flavor, tell us a story about the gun like a funny hunting trip, or a sentimental story about the gun! Make it as detailed as possible! And let us know who you are if you want photo credit!

Red Bolt ActionPC: MetalEFX
2016-05-22 06_59_44-american flag painted gun - Google SearchSpikes ARBatman ARPC: @OutlawCustomGuns
Pink Skull ARSICK 380 GlockZombie Slayer 1911 ColtPainted Kel TecPC:MetalEFXBlue KrissSaiga 12PC:MetalEFX

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