Chiappa 1887 T-Series shotgun






Gauge: 12
Action: Lever Action repeater
Number of rounds 5 + 1
Barrel length: 18,5″
Overall Length: 27 1/2″
Weight: 7,9lbs.

Italian firearm manufacturer Chiappa is producing replicas of the Winchester model 1887 shotgun in a few models. One of which is the T-Series made popular from the second Terminator movie.
The Shotgun come with the pistol grip (designed to have the look of a sawn off stock) and a 18.5” barrel like in the movie.

The shotgun comes in a matte black synthetic furniture (stock and rubber coating pistol grip) (shown in the pictures).

It is unclear at this time as to if they will be releasing the firearm in the original wood finish.  

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