Cool Guns: Shot Show 2016

Here is a collection of what we thought were some of the coolest looking guns that we got photos of at the show.  Some of them we know who made them and some we just don’t know.  If you can tell us, please comment and we will update the photo.

These photos are just a few of the best photos taken.  They are meant to show the variety of what is to be seen at Shot Show and are not necessarily a reflection of our editorial support.



Chiappa Trail Gun:

Chiappa Trail Gun

Daniel Defense:Cool Guns Daniel Defense


Cool Guns 434EliteIron



Troy Troy

Noreen Firearms:

Noreen Firearms

Sage Ordnance Systems Group:

Sage Ordnance Systems Group

Robinson Armament:

Cool Guns Robinson Armament 1Cool Guns Robinson Armament 2Cool Guns Robinson Armament

Ohio Ordnance Works:

Ohio Ordiance Works Browning 1918


Ohio Ordiance Works HCar 2Ohio Ordiance Works HCAR

Cool Gun 278 RagiusCool Gun 497 Cool Gun 331Cool Gun 496Cool Gun 726Cool Guns 161FlintlockCool Guns 532Cool Guns Go from Historical to Modern

Atticus James is traveling in India for the month of February.  You can follow his adventures at  In the meantime, he has left all of the photos from Shot Show 2016 for those of us left behind to post for him.  (This would explain any issues with photos being mislabeled.  Apologies in advance if this happens).

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