CREW UPDATE: The Gun Bunny

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I’m the Gun Bunny. I was first introduced to firearms when I was fourteen and asked to go on a government doe hunt with my middle school Out Door trails class. I was the only girl on that trip that shot anything. In fact three doe were shot that weekend and two of them were mine.
I have been working at a shooting range since 2006. At the range I was introduced to a lady everyone calls Mama Jeanie. She runs the range that I have spent so much time at. Mama Jeanie has taught me so much from shotgun to handgun. I am a part of her all female instructor team geared toward teaching women how to shoot it all. Working with her I have learned that boys shouldn’t have all the fun.
I really enjoy shooting pistols, but give me a rifle and will have just as much fun. One of my favorite pistols is the Colt 1911 .45 cal, but that’s a classic what’s not to love about that gun?

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