Final Thoughts of SHOT 2014

This is my second year to attend the show and I still haven’t gotten over how big the show truly is. I don’t want to throw a ton of numbers at you but I will share a few numbers like 1600 booths and 67,000 attendees and $73 million injected into the Las Vegas economy.

67,000 people seems like a lot but the best way I can think of to share how big the show really is to tell you about the city I live in which has a population of about 48,150 (as of 2012) in a 10 square mile area. My city is almost 19,000 shy of being the same size as what goes through the halls of SHOT which is a five floored convention center.


At the Kriss booth at media day at the range checking out the guns



After 4 full days, I wish I could say I saw the whole show but I know that I saw maybe half of what there was to see and do. I spent my time making the contacts I need to, to get the products we review on this website at SHOT Show. The crew is  good at visiting as many booths as they can with the very limited time we have and bring back as many pictures and info on the new products for 2014.


I am hoping that the crew will be shooting some SCARS in 2014


On the first day of the show from 8:30am until 5:30pm I had walked only half of the big room and  felt that was a big accomplishment seeing as the show is 12.5 MILES of walk way.

 Picture 170
This was from 2013 SHOT but I think it serves the purpose to show you a small look into the shows walk ways.


As I flip through my show photos I seem to have found a lot of pictures like this one. It is hard to always get the perfect picture here with so many people walking  the show floor.

This simple photo took about 2 minutes of waiting just to get the browning logo.


Final thoughts:

The show doesn’t run perfect with so many cogs all moving at once but for the size and amount of people who show up every year the NSSF Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show is one awesome show.

I am not a big fan of Las Vegas since I don’t gamble and I drink very little but with that said I am willing to put up with it once a year for one of the most impressive trade shows in the world.

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