First impressions of the ATI Strikeforce Stock

I first want to thank Jon Shaffer With ATI (Advanced Technology International) for shipping us the SKS Ultimate Professional Strikeforce Stock with Scorpion Recoil System.

SKS before the change with the new ATI stock

SKS in New ATI Stock

I haven’t be out to the range to shoot this rifle yet (my primary job has been keeping me away from the range since January).


  • Six Position Adjustable/Side Folding Stock
  • Can be Fired from Folded Position
  • New & Improved Pivot Housing Assembly
  • Scorpion Recoil System
    • Scorpion Razorback Recoil Pad – Non-Slip, Removable
    • Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip – Ergonomic, Sure-Grip Texture
    • Recoil Impact is Absorbed – Shooting any Load Size can now be Done with No Pain being Transferred to the Shooter
    • Not Affected by Chemicals
    • Remains Flexible in Extreme Temperatures
    • Eliminates the Felt Punch of the Recoil
    • Removes Limitations from Spring and Piston Type Recoil Suppression Systems
  • Military Type III Anodizes, 6061 T6 Aluminum
    • One 4” Picatinny Top Rail
    • Two 2” Picatinny Rails
    • Six Position Commercial Buffer Tube
    • Buffer Tube Adapter
  • Blank Covers for When Rails are Not in Use
  • 3M Industrial Grade Self-Adhesive Soft Touch Cheekrest Pad
  • Removable/Adjustable Tactical Cheekrest (3/8”)
  • Slot for Tactical Sling Attachment
  • Five Sling Swivel Studs
  • DuPont® Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


The SKS is (at times) a pain to disassemble and frustrates the best of us.
I had plans to make a video of us changing the stocks but in my trial runs before I filmed I got beyond aggravated trying to talk out the process to prepare for filming that I just scraped the video and just put the gun together.

If you have ever removed for cleaning the stock on an SKS and reassembled the rifle the process is relatively the same with some minor changes; [Note the following is NOT by manufacturers suggestion. Use at your own risk.] We had to use a blade screw driver to help sit the rifle in the new stock and used a clamp with rubber grips to hold the gun together while we put the trigger assembly on the rifle locking it all together.


While I have gotten mixed reviews from staff and friends on the looks, I do like the new modernized look of this SKS.

When shooting this rifle the length of pull was always too short for me. if I wanted to change firing positions I would have to have recoil pads to keep the scope from hitting my glasses.  With this new stock it comes with a Six Position Adjustable/Side Folding Stock which gives me the right length of pull for my size.  The shortest  LOP (length of pull)   is 13” (33 cm)  and at longest LOP is 17″  (43cm). For my body size I use the second position on the stock (14”)

The rifle with the new stock (with the scope and unloaded) weighs in at 10.4lbs (4.7 kg) which is a pound heavier than the original wooden stocked rifle (We weighed the rifle in at 9lbs before the change)

When putting the rifle together I debated on changing the top piston tube furniture over to the black polymer cover but I liked the way the cherry (I guess that’s the color I don’t really know) colored wood looks with the black stock.

When the stock is folded it doesn’t impede the function of  the rifle so it can be fire from the folded position. I have shot our SIG556 from the folded position and didn’t care much for the lack of control I personally had with it. I do like that it folds for storage in the gun safe because it now has a wider base to sit on and less chance to fall over and damage anything.

The grips have a nice tacky feeling which lets you keep your grip even when wet or sweating.

The stock came with 3 rails, One for each side and on on the bottom for a foregrip or bipod.  they do not come pre-attached  so if you don’t want them you don’t have to mount them.

AWS AR-15 and the ATI Stock for the SKS

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