FN Herstal FS2000 Tactical Semi-auto Carbine

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Caliber: .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO
Barrel length: 17.44″ barrel chrome lined hammer forged with muzzle brake
Rifling: 1:7″ RH twist
Magazine: 30 round magazine
Action: Semi Auto, Gas operated rotating bolt
SIZE: 10.2″ tall, 3.20″ wide.
Overall length: 29.29″
Weight: 7.58 lbs. (unloaded)
Effective range: 500 m

Single stage trigger
Pivoting manual safety switch in trigger guard
Left side cocking knob
Ambidextrous bottom mounted magazine release
Right side forward fired case ejection
Rear hinged polymer cover for chamber condition verification
Integrated MIL-STD 1913 mounting rail
Emergency backup folding iron sights
Matte black finish on all exposed metal surfaces
Ambidextrous olive drab synthetic thumbhole stock
Molded in sling attachment point on stock

The FS2000 has a similar ejection design to the KEL-TEC RFB.  It sends the case down a tube to be ejected at the front of the weapon thereby effectively stopping the problem of ejecting the case into the shooters face.

It only takes GI style 30 round AR mag. No PMags, no Emags, no Lancers or other polymer mags.

The rifle has a magazine well gasket (a rubber seal that forms to the magazine)   that keeps debris out of the action and makes it nearly dust/sand proof. the problem with this is the magazine does not just drop out like with the AR-15 when you press the mag release so you have to  pull the magazine out. when in the hands of a non military or match shooters shouldn’t be a problem  but when you are wanting a fast mag change this will slow you down.

The weapon is a very balanced, comfortable and accurate weapon to carry and shoot.

Having the weapon in a bullpup design it is a very nice size for CQB or drawing the weapon from a car. while still having a full length 17” barrel.

Uses AR-15 magazines.
Full size gun in a small package (Bullpup)

Chamber access is limited.
Magazine doesn’t drop free
No Polymer magazines
COST compared to other .223 or AR-15 type rifles.


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