GEARS First Birthday

In June 2010 I had a life changing event when I broke my back and had to get major surgery just to let me stand and have a normal life again. I was in healing and recovering (3 months in a brace) for 15 month which effectively stopped me from working, working out and most of anything else I did previously to the accident.

In February of 2011 after spending most of my time bored at home it was suggested to me that I start taking the random bits of knowledge and the passion that I have for firearms and start writing my own blog.

Enter I started out only planning on writing once or twice a week but I saw my readership start to grow more and more with every post I wrote and that is when I knew I had found something I enjoyed spending my time doing. I knew I just wanted to talk about the guns and keep the politics out of my blog because I wanted the guns to be the only focus and not to lose sight of what I had set out to do which is to bring the best and most accurate gun information I can to you the readers. 

May 2011 I was released to shoot handguns and lower caliber rifles so I wouldn’t reinjure my back.

During the summer of 2011 I was contacted by a few companies to do some product reviews which opened my eyes to where I wanted to start taking GEARS… which was to own and shoot ever gun in the world. okay maybe not own them all but the chance to shoot so many different firearms is a true dream that I know I share with so many of you.

Starting in September I mostly released to start working out again and I figured that was a good time to also set out to grow the GEARS crew and have more crew members writing and reviewing for GEARS and in December 2011 I found Caleb and SAWGunner.

January 2012 I had plans to be out at SHOT show but due to some unfortunate deadlines for my other job I was unable to go.

Now a year after writing my first post I have 2 staff writers and a new website I am operating. I am also thankful for every one of my readers and my fellow gun  bloggers who have all helped with making Gears of Guns the website it is today.

I look forward to continuing writing and bring the latest and most awesome gun news I can to you in the future.


Thank you.  

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