Guest Post: Lasers for pistols

Go From Zero To Hero With The Best Laser Sights For Pistols Ever Invented

When it comes to shooting accuracy, very little can match the assistance provided by a laser sight. Originally designed for law- enforcement use, this technology made its way into the civilian weapons community due to its distinct advantages. By fitting a laser sight to your pistol, you can learn to shoot faster and with more precise aim under difficult visual and mental conditions. There are many different laser sights available, so the question becomes which laser sight is the best. With so many choices on the market, here are five of the best in no specific order.

1. Viridian C5L

This compact device is a combination laser sight and flashlight that mounts onto any pistol. Its key feature is the fact that instead of a red-laser it uses a green-colored one. This is because green-lasers present 50 times more visibility, meaning better target recognition even during the day.

2. Crimson Trace L G320

The Crimson Trace is model-specific; it is molded into the grip for the weapon. By replacing the original grip, the original holster is retained and firing balance won’t be changed. It also has several key features like a brighter beam, and operates either by a press of the trigger or pressure pads inside the grip itself.

3. LaserMax Uni-Max LMS-UNI

Another lightweight and compact laser sight with high reliability, it works with and offers you the industry standard rail systems, Picantinny and Weaver. The Uni-Max mounts onto either, and integrates the Picantinny so that you can attach other devices, such as a light. Where Uni-Max really separates itself from the pack is its red-laser that can either pulse or run steady state.

4. LaserMax Guide Rod Laser

Model specific, this laser sight is unique because it’s mounted internally. As its name suggests, it replaces the spring and guide rod of the pistol. This means it’s always aligned, doesn’t change the profile or firing characteristics of the weapon, and leaves room for other firing aids on the gun’s rail mechanism.

5. Insight X2l Sub-Compact

For maximum visibility, this laser sight combines with a flashlight for a package with a small footprint. Easy to install and simple to calibrate it has a set of operating modes between the red-laser and the flashlight.

With specifics ranging from laser color to final profile, whichever laser sights for pistol you choose will provide the same basic advantages; superior aiming speed and targeting accuracy in a wide range of conditions.

Author’s Bio:

Guest contributor Christa Blair writes for a website specializing on guns and tactical gears.

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