Guest Posts (OPEN 2018)

Guest Posting on Gears of

Since the number of requests for guest post have gone up, we decided to create a page of easy to follow instructions instead of sending the same emails over and over again. Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. Because of our publishing schedule, your post may not appear for a month or two.

1. Write the post well: We are not here to edit your post. Do your best job first!
2. Link to Google+ profiles:  Google Authorship is the best way to build your SEO. The only link we guarantee is a link of your name to your Google+ profile
3. Format: Please send your post in a Word doc or Google doc and attach relevant images to the email. Please do not email your submission in HTML format.
4. Keywords: Do not link to keywords unless they are editorial links and keep the density below 2%. Keyword formula is: # of Keywords ÷ # of Words = density. Rule of thumb is: 2 keywords for every 100 words. No link building please!
5. Unique and Useful Content: Your article must be original, not a variation of another article or any reprints. Our rule of thumb on content is “How can our readers benefit from this?”
6. We only post from fellow gun bloggers. Sorry to be picky, but we want to support our community and not someone who’s job is to guest posts. So only send us content if you are a blogger with your own blog.
7. Copyright laws: Make sure you do not violate any copyright laws

Gears of Guns Process:

Please visit the contact us page and send your request in that contact box. all other requests will be deleted without hesitation.

Be honest in who you are. If we find you to be a sketchy request I will delete the request.

Subject line: GUEST POST (in ALL CAPS).

1. Title of Post.
2. How would Gears of Guns readers benefit from your post?
3. Links to 3-4 of your best posts
4. Your URL

How to write your post for Gears of Guns

1. Have a killer title.
2. Have an appropriate image (send as an attachment)
3. Have an introduction that attracts interest and makes the reader want to read further.
4. Use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes reading much easier.
5. Have a strong conclusion. NO POLITICS!
6. Be 800 – 1500 words long (please edit and proofread before sending, post that require excessive editing will not be considered)
7. Have an author bio at the end (about 40 to 50 words). You may include a link to your personal profile on Google+
8. The article needs to be unique content and not previously published anywhere
9. No profanity
10. No Hunting/killing articles. EVER. (Yes, that also means prepping for hunting season).
11. You MUST own the rights to all images. DO NOT send photos from stock photo sites. If you need to use a manufactueres image be sure you have the legal right to use the image. Any and all legal action brought against to your guest post will be brought solely against the author and the staff and owners will join the lawsuit against the author of the article.

Topics we are looking for:


  • 1. New product testing
  • 2. Firearm posts
  • 3. Build projects
  • 4. Product issues
  • 5. Ammo trials



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