Happy Thanksgiving 2013

This year I asked the GEARS crew what three things they are thankful for.

Old Man Lefty:

  1. My Family
  2. My Health
  3. That the good Lord has blessed my company with work this year

Atticus James:

  1. My loving and supportive family and friends.
  2. Thankful to be alive and in good health.
  3.  Being able to work for myself.


  1. Health
  2. Democracy
  3. White Gravy

The Hammer:

  1. Understanding friends and family
  2. Great Job, and great people to work with
  3. Productive lifestyle


  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Friends


The GEARS family is all thankful for all of our readers, manufacturers, shop owners and everyone else. We would not be able to have this much fun without all of you who help make this happen.


Thank you

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