Atticus: HPR Ammo Review

A few months back I was out at the range and I experienced a phenomenon I believe most shooters can relate to. I was sitting there on the line with the GEARs crew testing out a rifle when I ran out of ammo. knowing I needed about 40 more round to complete the testing I ran up to the club house and picked up a box of the only .223 they had in stock, HPR’s (which stands for High Precision Range) .223  HYPERClean 60 Grain / soft points.

After we finished shooting I took the box home because I wanted to test how clean they truly are. So I reached out to them and they were nice enough to ship me out a  box of .45 Auto TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) 230 grain Hyperclean and a box of .223 Rem 75 grain Boat Tail Hollow points MATCH both of which come in a box of 50 rounds.

While I had my camera out at the range taking video and pictures when I brought it home my computer formatted the camera and we lost all of the images.

The rifle and and gun used in the review was a Glock 21 and the American Weapons Systems ZA-15 which is chambered in the .223 wylde (allowing for the rifle to fire both .223 and 5.56x45NATO round)

Up first we tested the HPR .45ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol also known as .45 Auto). I fired 25 rounds before taking the gun apart and inspecting the carbon and unburnt powder in the gun.
The feed ramp was still shiny and clean. The brass had some slight powder burn that wiped off with a dry towel and just left a normal sight discoloration on the brass, the inside of the brass looked almost new in coloring. No misfires or feed problems.

After that I used monarch .45 ACP 230 grain TMJ and the first thing I could see after firing 5 round was the feed ramp was black with carbon and unburnt powder the brass was coated just like the feed ramp and the gun needed a heavy nitro cleaning when  I came home. No misfires or feed problems.

After that I shot the HPR .223 75 grain BTHP Hyperclean. I did not fire any rounds of similar specs.
The spent brass only had some discoloration at the neck and the inside was clean just like HPR .45 acp brass.
The rifle firing the heavier 75 grain over the normal 55 or 60 grain did make the recoil a little more noticeable. At the 50 yard range the 50 rounds held a nice 1 inch groupings.

The price of the ammo is a little high for just normal target practice but the fact that it kept nice groupings and the firearms stayed cleaner I would recommend this ammo.

You can purchase HPR from Cabelas, LuckyGunner or Scottsdale Ammo

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