Viral Izhevsk Arms

Today I stumbled across these photos that are just now going viral,

Today, while venturing on the Facebook page I found someone that shared these firearms, but the story is just as interesting as these guns!

After trying to decipher through broken English, from a Russian translation, I concluded that a man from Udmurt, Russia, supposedly purchased a few crate boxes that were going to be used for firewood at the price of 500 Rubles which is $8 .

Little did he know that those very boxes had some very pricey and valuable firearms stored away inside them. No other information about this story is on the internet, but these kinds of finds are more common than you think!

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant is the name of the manufacturing plant that birthed most of these firearms below.



13442678_488889814642795_3395403052395646995_oAKS-74U (to the left), PPSh-43 (to the right), Nagant M1895 revolver (below) and TT-30 (Below next to the revolvers




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