Kel Tec Su-16CA

Okay, here this goes. Kel Tec has created two of my favorite weapons. To be fair to everyone else, I have a rather extensive favorite list that is based mostly off of practical application of novel and helpful changes to what seems like the “standard” weapon designs. As expressed in my short article highlighting some first impressions on the Kel Tec SU-16CA I am a huge fan of the efficiency of this gun, and having put it through its paces (although I was not able to be there for much of the testing) it has proven to be a very sturdy weapon as well as a novel idea. Some day when funds allow I would love to keep one around for a bugout bag.

Since I had very little range time with the SU-16CA I’m going to keep this part brief.


-Very easy to use, and a lot of cool features. (Magazine storage, folding stock, bipod, threaded barrel)

-Had no jamming problems/misfeeds while I was firing other than the SIG magazines which didn’t want to feed the last two rounds.

-I love the piston driven gas system for its simplicity and brutal efficiency.


-Not much you can do with the gun as it was shipped to us. (Notably it has a few accessories built in.

-Not the most comfortable gun. I wasn’t a fan of the blocky charging handle and it just didn’t sit right on the table. More than likely that has to do with my gangly arms though.


On another note, and partially an apology for the lacking amount of content in my most recent posts, I will be taking a bit of a writing sabbatical due to extenuating circumstances. Hopefully I will soon regain both the time, and mental capacity to continue writing for GoG. Until then, Shoot smart and have fun!

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