Kitup – Legion Hex Fluted Barrel


There have been a lot of questions about the honeycomb “Hex Fluted” barrels built by Legion Firearms. A lot of people wonder if that’s strictly an aesthetic feature or even a gimmick, others challenge the idea that such construction actually strengthens or improves the barrel. I talked to Jamie Wehmeyer and Chris Reeves from Legion at length about these issues to try to illuminate things.

Wehmeyer clarifies, “I’m talking about the dissipation of an instance of vibratory motion. Call it motion, tremor, an oscillation, whatever term you prefer. It’s the underlying physics of it that are significant to the Hex Fluted barrel.

”Vibrations travel for longer distance through a curve than they will through a straight line or an angle. The so-called ‘honeycomb’ barrel capitalizes upon that.  Consider the difference between striking a steel drum vs. a steel box: a steel drum will continue to vibrate for as long as the shape can hold it, whereas a steel box will hold the vibration only to the closest corner.

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