New GEARS writers: SAWGunner

Salutations! My name is SAWGunner (SAWG for the sake of brevity) and I will be a staff writer of sorts for Gears of Guns. On top of being a staff writer I will also be working on the website look and functionality. So if you notice anything gone awry on the website, shoot me a message.


So what makes me qualified to talk about firearms? I served four years active duty in the Army and am currently in the Reserves. Taking full advantage of my military status I have fired many weapons the Army has to offer, short of tanks, that is. I have qualified with a number of small arms such as the M9, M16, M4 and M249B (SAW). The SAW was my assigned weapon for the longest time. Fair warning, I will use the metric system. So expect me to use meters and variations thereof. Also, I’m here to talk about firearms, not the military. So let’s keep it on topic.


Now I must demonstrate some humility. I’d wager Mr. James has spent far more time at the range with different guns than I have. So if you have any in-depth gun/ammunition questions, he is your man. I look forward to spending some time at the range with the Gears of Guns crew and getting some good posts off the ground.

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