Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua ULR


The Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua ULR (Ultra long Range) Rifle

This rifle is modeled after the AR platform however the take down pins are farther apart than the AR-10 and AR-15 rifles causing the rifle to not accept an interchangeable upper like the AR-15 and AR-10 platform. This rifle does use some AR parts like the pistol grip, stock and trigger allowing for them to be changed.

The magazine on this rifle comes in a 5 or 10 round proprietary magazine. One of our sources mentioned that a 50 round drum is in the works.

.338 Lapua magnum goes for about $70 per 20 rounds =3.50 per round.
.300 Winchester Magnum goes for about  $20 per box of 20 rounds = $1.00 per round.
.308/7.62NATO goes for about  $7 per round 0.35 per round.

The recoil felt has been compared to firing a .243Win. The rifles muzzle brake and semi-auto action significantly suppress recoil.

The weapon disassembles like the standard AR platform for easy cleaning. 

The manufacture of this rifle won a defense contract to make this rifle for military snipers. 

  • Piston-driven semi-automatic action
  • Effective to 2000 meters with a maximum range of 4500 Meters 
  • Accurate, powerful .338 Lapua round and .300 Win Mag
  • Modest recoil
  • Weighs just 13 pounds 
  • Receiver is machined from a billet of 6061 T6 aluminum
  • MIL spec or adjustable trigger 
  • 26” barrel (1 in 10” twist) 
  • One-Piece bolt Carrier Made from 8620 Steel
  • Custom muzzle brake 
  • Full-Length picatinny rail on receiver
  • 4 full-length, integral Picatinny rails on hand guard Magpul PRS Adjustable Stock Hard Case

Left to Right: .50 BMG, .408 Chey-Tac, .338 Lapua , .300 Win Mag, 7.62 NATO and 5.56NATO.

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  • william

    hi, i have noticed that your “view”(pardon me,) of the effecive range of the bad news is 2000m when the bad news fellows say it is 1500; how come you two are different? which is it? and can you concur that the maximum range is 4500m? i am very much interested in this system and would like to own it; so please give me the relevant information.

    • The 2000m effective range and 4500m max range numbers were given to us through Noreen when we were researching this rifle for this post. The numbers seen on the website have changed since the post was written in 2011. During our research we talked with a number of owners of this rifle who had shot this rifle out to 2000m with a fair amount of accuracy and loved the rifle.

  • phil hagel

    On the Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua, is the buffer the same as a 308? I have one and would like to change the buffer to a hydrolic buffer if the 308 would fit

    • The buffer on the Bad News is not the same as the .308. Sorry to say it will not work to switch them out.