Old Man Lefty – Industry day at the range

Due to a paperwork glitch last year I was not able to attend Media Day at SHOT Show 2013. This year we were able to get everything taken care of. For those that are unfamiliar with Media Day, members of the press are invited to a shooting range in Boulder City,Nv for the opportunity to shoot a very wide variety of firearms and test out new products. The weather was great. This being my first time to Media Day I had no expectations so when I was handed a full auto Kriss Vector with 25 rounds, I felt like a kid in a toy store. We had about four hours to play with everything from Ruger 22 to 50 cal Barrett out to 1000 yds. We had the opportunity to shoot fully suppressed pistols as well as rifles. I realize that reps are paid to be informative, but I must say after dealing with a full spectrum of shooters all day, these guys and women were unbelievably patient and helpful so for those of you reps that have the opportunity to read this thank you from all of us media people.





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