1984 300 SAV.

I was going through my boxes of ammunition when i found this 1984 box of .300 SAV. rounds  I liked seeing the 1984 box of Remington Ammunition to the box they are making now. I thought it was worth sharing  and with proper storage of the round they will last a good long time. I sent a few rounds down range last year along with a box of new rounds and had no problems with it.  The 1984 rounds might have had a little more punch to them but there is nothing like the smell of burnt 27 years old gun powder MMM! all in all a nice round to shoot. buy oem software download My late Grandfather got me into guns and the Savage was his deer rifle. so I want to dedicate a part of the site to him for showing me a love for the firearms world. RIP Papa jfdghjhthit45


RONI system is a new way to transform your Glock, Sig Sauer, Springfield or Beretta pistol into a Pistol-Carbine I found this page last night after looking for some information on my Glock 21. I looked to see if there was this RONI system for my gun but they haven’t made one that i have found for the Glock 21. I would love to get my hands on the RONI system and try it. I love my Glock. I think the nice thing about the RONI system is the gun just slips in and you don’t have to take you gun apart and or change the anything on the gun itself. The cost I have found is €420 euro (or $586.55 dollars)Send us an email if you have fired this or seen this before I’d like to hear what you thought.


I have been following the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System since it was in the trial stages. CHAMBER: 7.62 NATO RATE OF FIRE: Semi-Auto VELOCITY: 2,571 fps (175 gr. M118LR) 784 meters p/ second MAGAZINE TYPE / CAP.: Standard 10/20 Rounds WEIGHT (w/o MAGAZINE): 16 lbs LENGTH w/ STOCK RET.: 46 3/4″ LENGTH w/ STOCK EXT.: 47 1/4″ BARREL LENGTH: 20″ The M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System is to replace the M24 Sniper rifle used by snipers in the United States Army. M110 is based off the original AR-10 developed by Eugene Stoner and redesigned by the rifles manufacturer Knight’s Armament Company. From what i have read and the comparison of M110 SASS vs. the Panther LRT-SASS is that the M110 has a higher accuracy level to the Panther.

Remington 700

I had the opportunity last year to fire a Rem 700 in a .243 Win caliber round. I like I feel of the gun and properly oiled and maintained it is a very accurate rifle and with wide variety of calibers this gun is made for, you can find the right gun for you. This Rifle comes in 28 different calibers and is made for public, police and miliary (m24) use.     Here is a chart on all the rounds this gun can fire. The US Miliary just awarded a contract with Remington to build a new M24E1 A.K.A. XM2010 more info will come later. But for now here is a taste of the new system!

The X Post.

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