Glock 21

My Glock 21 .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol)  I have been watching different Glock torture tests for a few days now and I have been proud to say I own this gun however with that being say I need to tell you this story… About a year or so ago I was out with a few dear friends and family having a day of shooting. when I was given a few hand-load rounds made in the 1970s and one or two didn’t have any powder in them and as a friend of our was firing the weapon he hit on round without the powder in it followed by a new round which bubbled the barrel seizing the gun. No damage was done to the firearm aside from the barrel but being a Glock it has an easy to change barrel saving the gun. Now I have to get the gun … What you’re missing….


I have a questionof all of the AR-15 weapon system platform that are made in the world… who do YOU like the best and why? I have shot a round or two through some ARs and and I know from what I have shot which I like but I want to hear from you! leave us a comment about the gun(s) It doesn’t have to be an AR-15 it can just be a rifle designed like the AR. I know Remington makes an AR platform rifle and calls it: Auto loading Model R-15 (or R-25 for the .308 chambered rifle)

.223 Mag round counter

I was doing my late night surfing when I came across this AR-15 magazine   CAA has come out with what they are calling the “Countdown Magazine” This gives the shooter a count of how many rounds he has left. The indicator shows in three colors Green (30-21), Yellow (20-11) and Red (10-0) so you know you are almost out.  This is a Polymer Magazine with Stainless Steel Spring and Anti-Tilt Follower, for a more reliable Mag. This will run you about $10 bucks more than the leading brand 30 round polymer magazines. but the payoff is the ability to know when you have only 1 round left or still have 3. I like gadgets and toys so that might be one of the reasons I would get this.

Top 10 list

Here is a top 10 list of things we would like to shoot in our videos. Mini beer kegs TVs Hard drives Cans of spray paint Watermelons Playing cards Plates An egg 5 gallon bucket of water Cans of food If you have an item you would like to see us shoot contact us with that and maybe we can post it in our next video!

Random Photo Saturday!

I’m a bit sore from working out at the gym today so I am bring you RANDOM PHOTO SATURDAY!!   I found this photo floating around the internet and thought it was cool . If Random photo Saturday isn’t your cup of tea and would like to see real content… we would love to post something from you so contact us with some info and we will GLADLY post about your guns! As always thank you for visiting our site and be sure to share us with your friends.

.50 BMG

So at first I planned on talking a bit about the Tactilite T2 – .50 BMG AR Upper but I got sidetracked like normal.  So I will show you a picture of what I had planned on talking about. Cool looking bolt action upper with 5 round Mag. it was designed to take an AR-15 platform and give you a .50 BMG (or .416 Barrett, .338 Lapua,  .408 CheyTac) caliber rifle. The nice thing is you can have 1 gun and shoot many rounds in case god forbid ammo prices go back up. They have what I think looks like a pretty awesome barrel on one of the guns they made. Needless to say I like big cool guns. I think that is why most of us are here, right?Just because I know you want more pictures I will post 3 more for you. Well I guess I ended up … What you’re missing….


I was asked by a friend of mine to talk a little bit about the 6.8mm Rem SPC. I haven’t have first hand experience with this 6.8mm round yet. (Anything i say from this point are just my own views from what i have read.) As i have written in other post I am not a fan of the 5.56 NATO round due in part to the fact it is a .22 on steroids!! I would like to see and feel on first hand basis and the differences in the rounds in how the handle. I have a collection of live and spent rounds with everything from a .50 BMG to a .45ACP to .17 hornet. I however haven’t yet come across anyone at the range shooting next to me who has a 6.8mm rifle so i have yet to pick a spent or live round up. I favor  the larger rounds … What you’re missing….

I had no words

I was planning again to talk about Glock conversions when i came across this site. when i read this i got a mix of emotions rushing through me I was feeling proud to own  this gun and at the same time I had no words as i was in shock that a gun owner with put this gun through its paces like this.  Glock 21 Torture Test So next time someone asks you what the two things you would want to have on you if you were lost in the woods you can remember this gun and know you answer just might be a Glock 21 and enough ammo!


Welcome to Video Tuesday! I found this video last night and thought it was interesting to say the least. on Video Tuesday we will be posting videos we have found from youtube and hopefully here in the near future we can be posting our videos (on Video Tuesday!) of the fun things you’d like to see us shoot at! Remember to Send us Emails with things you would like us to talk about on our blog or send us information on your guns with pictures and maybe we can write about it!

1984 300 SAV.

I was going through my boxes of ammunition when i found this 1984 box of .300 SAV. rounds  I liked seeing the 1984 box of Remington Ammunition to the box they are making now. I thought it was worth sharing  and with proper storage of the round they will last a good long time. I sent a few rounds down range last year along with a box of new rounds and had no problems with it.  The 1984 rounds might have had a little more punch to them but there is nothing like the smell of burnt 27 years old gun powder MMM! all in all a nice round to shoot. buy oem software download My late Grandfather got me into guns and the Savage was his deer rifle. so I want to dedicate a part of the site to him for showing me a love for the firearms world. RIP Papa jfdghjhthit45


RONI system is a new way to transform your Glock, Sig Sauer, Springfield or Beretta pistol into a Pistol-Carbine I found this page last night after looking for some information on my Glock 21. I looked to see if there was this RONI system for my gun but they haven’t made one that i have found for the Glock 21. I would love to get my hands on the RONI system and try it. I love my Glock. I think the nice thing about the RONI system is the gun just slips in and you don’t have to take you gun apart and or change the anything on the gun itself. The cost I have found is €420 euro (or $586.55 dollars)Send us an email if you have fired this or seen this before I’d like to hear what you thought.


I have been following the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System since it was in the trial stages. CHAMBER: 7.62 NATO RATE OF FIRE: Semi-Auto VELOCITY: 2,571 fps (175 gr. M118LR) 784 meters p/ second MAGAZINE TYPE / CAP.: Standard 10/20 Rounds WEIGHT (w/o MAGAZINE): 16 lbs LENGTH w/ STOCK RET.: 46 3/4″ LENGTH w/ STOCK EXT.: 47 1/4″ BARREL LENGTH: 20″ The M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System is to replace the M24 Sniper rifle used by snipers in the United States Army. M110 is based off the original AR-10 developed by Eugene Stoner and redesigned by the rifles manufacturer Knight’s Armament Company. From what i have read and the comparison of M110 SASS vs. the Panther LRT-SASS is that the M110 has a higher accuracy level to the Panther.