Pink guns PT.2


I recently did a post on Pink guns and I was emailed by one of our readers presenting the problem they see with pink guns or any bright “fun” colored guns and that is they believe it will make children see guns as toys and they will not show the proper respect to the gun.

Please leave us a comment, I would like you hear about your thoughts behind “fun” colored guns like this.

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  • Jacob Jones

    So, to comment on the pink guns as toys question: I think it IS dangerous to have brightly-colored weapons around kids. I can’t see how it WOULDN’T be a safety risk. And even for adults, it could take away the healthy, appropriate fear of the weapon’s destructive potential that might otherwise have caused some individuals to think twice about getting careless. But all that said, I don’t know that it should be illegal or anything. I think people should be allowed to color their guns the way they want them, I guess. I would like an orange P-90. That would be very cool. It would also make it easier to avoid getting shot on accident out in the bush somewhere. Of course…I don’t think I’d carry a P-90 to go deer hunting. But I digress. Anyway, if parents keep colorful, deceptively happy-looking guns out of the house–and for that matter make sure their kids are responsible and well-learned regarding firearms if there IS one of any color in the residence–and leave the pink, orange, and tie-dye stuff to us single guys and girls…and no one should own a gun that doesn’t know how to handle one safely anyway…. Accidents happen…. I think that would be okay. Hopefully