ProMag 30-42 round magazines

A few months back ProMag sent us out a few magazines to test and see how they’d perform under more intense handling. We had opted for the high drop test, Drag test and a crush test as seen in the following videos.

As I am not military I will never say that the testing done proves any kind of battle worth. I can say that it does prove it it can hold up against some more impractical and improbable abuse. While these magazines typically shouldn’t ever go through this kind of abuse it is nice to see that they still will function.

After all the testing was done we took the magazine apart to see if we had damaged any of the internal components like we had in the Lancer review, much to my surprise nothing was damaged.

I own about 12 ProMag AR-15 30 and 42 round magazines which I use in all of my AR style rifles (The ZA-15, Kel Tec SU-16CA and our 2 SIG556 rifles) the magazines just work….   Plain and simple. I load the magazines to the correct number of rounds for the magazine (30 and 42) put the magazine in the gun, chamber a round and shoot until it is empty. They have never given me any feed problems even after we tried to see if they would break under our testing.

The ProMag 30 round AR-15 magazines are not a fancy magazine, they don’t come with dust covers, they don’t have metal feed lips, they don’t carry the infamous shoulder thing that goes up on them and they can’t carry 10,000 rounds per magazine (I was shocked when I tried loading the magazine and this standard capacity magazine only held the STANDARD 30 rounds as spec’d). They do one job and one job only… They feed ammo into your rifle.

The look and feel is very close to the MAGPUL PMAGs. It has a similar subtle waffle texture and rounded out base plate. The spring holder that connects to the base plate has two round tabs that have to be depressed to take the base plate off rather than the the long single button on the MAGPUL.

ProMag Base Plate JPG

Overall I like the ProMag 30 and 42 round AR-15 style magazines. They have worked well for the GEARS crew for over a year now and I foresee them being used for years to come.

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