Range Gear

I have been shooting for years now and it seems every year I add more and more gear to my daily range carry. A few people have asked what I carry. 

I will not be discussing the gear we use for reviewing, such as cameras and laptops and other gear as that isn’t what my true daily range carry consist of.

When I first starting shooting alone (pre GearsofGuns.com) I carried a backpack with ammo, eye and ear protection, a bottle of water and shooting gloves plus the firearms and their respectful cases.

Fast forward to 2015 and I carry:

  • 6-10 long rifle cases each holding 1-8 firearms,
  • Multiple of different slings, holsters and shooting gloves,
    Chest Rig
  • An ice chest with food and water,
  • Full Tool box
  • Full med kit,
  • 5+ ammo cans and cases of ammo,
  • Spotting scope,
  • Spotting camera with iPad,
  • A box of targets.
    My EDC Backpack
    1-2  foot lockers loaded to bear with gear,
  • Cleaning kit with two cans of CLP
    Electronic Earpro
    Ear muffs
  • Earplugs
    4 different pairs of shooting glass all with different lens

    Water proof notebook
    Sighting tools
    Backup Pistol and rifle
  • Batteries (AAAA, AAA, AA, CR123, LR44, USB battery backup)
    A spare
    Leupold scope
  • Tannerite
    Shooting mat
    Spare bipod (for review guns)
    Tape (duct tape, masking tape)
    Pens, markers and pencils
    Speed loaders
  • Belt linker and 500 extra links
    Rope and fishing wire
    Any items being reviewed

On my person I carry

Leatherman MUT
Kilimanjaro Gear VELLO Knife
Holster with my carry of the day
My EDC list

If you have ever seen the GEARS Crew show up at the range you know we look like we are packed for the zombie apocalypse.

This list is my basic list of what I personally bring to each range. Each crew member has their own list of what they bring.

What are some of your basics you always carry to the range?

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