Short break pt.2

As I said before I had to take a short break for some medical reasons but I think I am back for now.


I had asked if anyone knew what this round was and ironically the one person who has replied with a comment was the the person who asked to see this round talked about.

I found this this round under Google images stated as a .600 nitro express.
Since when I posted this picture I have done a little more research on the .600 NE and I am now questioning if this picture really is that round.

Here is the main reason behind my questioning of that picture… the size of the round above and this round seem to not match.  Maybe the man in the picture above has really small hands or it is a different round. (my best guess would be maybe a .700 NE? if you know please comment so I can updated my page)

I am a big enough man to admit when I am wrong or think I am wrong because I wouldn’t want you the reader to see something on my page I am promoting as fact or truth when it really isn’t.


I was asked to talk about the Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver which is a handgun that fires this round… and I do plan on talking about it and more on this round itself BUT I will have to spend a few more hours reading up on this so I can bring you the best information I can.

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