Answer: Shotguns

1.  Shotgun (1)
Name: TASER® X12 Less Lethal Shotgun by Mossberg
Gauge: TASER XREP (Modified 12-gauge Taser shells only.)
Action: Pump.

2. Shotgun (2)
Name: RMB-93
Gauge: 12-gauge
Action: Pump action

3. Shotgun (3)
Name: Saiga 12
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Semi-Auto. Gas-operated, rotating bolt

4. Shotgun (4)
Name: Franchi SPAS-12
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Pump action

5. Shotgun (5)
Name: Armsel Striker (Street Sweeper)
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Similar to that of a revolver (Double action)

6. Shotgun (6)
Name: Atchisson Assault 12 (AA12)
Gauge:12 Gauge
Action: Selective fire, forced gas blowback operated

7. Shotgun (7)
Name: Akdel MKA 1919
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Gas Operated, Semi-Automatic

8. Shotgun (8)
Name: Kel-Tec KSG
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Pump

9.  Shotgun (9)
Name: Techno Arms MAG-7
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Pump

10.Shotgun (10)
Name: Safir Arms AT-14
Gauge: .410 Bore
Action: Semi Auto short-stroke gas piston

FMJ .22/.45 over under Derringer

Gears of guns needs your help!

Tuesday we posted a video about a .22lr/.45-.410 over-under Derringer but at this time we can not find any specs or all that much info on this weapon.

If you have any info on this weapon please shoot us an email at:

Thank you.

Top Ten pistols Pt. 2

Smith and Wesson S&W 500

This pistol is chambered in the S&W .500. This gun can be used for dangerous and large game hunting.

PRO: the .50 caliber projectile has good stopping power, The Smith and Wesson .500 is easy to clean.

CON: Heavy recoil, the ammo is costly at $2.50 to $3.00 dollars per round.

M&P .40

The Smith & Wesson M&P (Military and Police) is a weapon similar in design to the Glock in that is it is a polymer frame weapon chambered in 9mm .40 S&W, .357 SIG (not .357 magnum) and .45 ACP.

PRO: easy to take apart and clean, reliable, lightweight

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.

Sig P226

The Sig Sauer  P226 is chambered in 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W

PRO: Good gun, low recoil, accurate, cheap and easy to find ammo.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.

Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge is multi-caliber revolver that fires the .45 Long colt and the .410 shotgun round.

PRO: small, lightweight, compact, multi-caliber, easy to clean.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.

Springfield XDm 9mm

I have shot this weapon a few times along side a Glock 19 9mm if I had to use a 9mm I would choose the Glock simply  because the Glock  feels more balanced to me.

PRO: Polymer frame, easy to take apart and clean, smooth action and smooth trigger pull.

CON: personally does not feel as balanced in my hand.

Snake Charmer II Break-Action Shotgun

.410 Bore Verney-Carron Snake Charmer II Break-Action Shotgun

Caliber/gauge: .410 Bore shotgun
Barrel length:18-1/4″
overall length: 29”
Weight: 3 lbs.

This weapon is  ideal for backpackers, boaters, off-road trips, home protection and any other place that a small, light weight and easy to use shotgun might come in handy.

(L-R .410 bore, 28, 20, 12 gauge shell)