Robinson Armament XCR-L Pistol

Robinson Armament XCR-L Pistol

Last week we did a name this gun post and here is the answer.


Calibers:5.56 NATO (.223 Rem.), 6.8 SPC, 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, .300-221
Action: Semi-auto, gas-operated long-stroke piston/ Rotating bolt
Overall Length: 18″
Weight Empty: 5.2 lbs.
Barrel Lengths: 7.5″
Rate of fire 700-900 rounds/min
Effective range
300-600 m  (depending weapons configuration)
Feed system: 30-round detachable box (5.56 variant) magazine, staggered-column magazine (STANAG compatible)

This weapon does not need a BATFE tax stamp of $200 because it is registered as a pistol with the BATFE. It cannot legally have a stock attached.

This rifle is similar in design to the FN SCAR and was designed in 2004.

This weapon can quickly change calibers with a simple barrel, bolt and magazine change and can be changed in under 5 minutes without  being a trained armorer.


FN Herstal FS2000 Tactical Semi-auto Carbine

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Caliber: .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO
Barrel length: 17.44″ barrel chrome lined hammer forged with muzzle brake
Rifling: 1:7″ RH twist
Magazine: 30 round magazine
Action: Semi Auto, Gas operated rotating bolt
SIZE: 10.2″ tall, 3.20″ wide.
Overall length: 29.29″
Weight: 7.58 lbs. (unloaded)
Effective range: 500 m

Single stage trigger
Pivoting manual safety switch in trigger guard
Left side cocking knob
Ambidextrous bottom mounted magazine release
Right side forward fired case ejection
Rear hinged polymer cover for chamber condition verification
Integrated MIL-STD 1913 mounting rail
Emergency backup folding iron sights
Matte black finish on all exposed metal surfaces
Ambidextrous olive drab synthetic thumbhole stock
Molded in sling attachment point on stock

The FS2000 has a similar ejection design to the KEL-TEC RFB.  It sends the case down a tube to be ejected at the front of the weapon thereby effectively stopping the problem of ejecting the case into the shooters face.

It only takes GI style 30 round AR mag. No PMags, no Emags, no Lancers or other polymer mags.

The rifle has a magazine well gasket (a rubber seal that forms to the magazine)   that keeps debris out of the action and makes it nearly dust/sand proof. the problem with this is the magazine does not just drop out like with the AR-15 when you press the mag release so you have to  pull the magazine out. when in the hands of a non military or match shooters shouldn’t be a problem  but when you are wanting a fast mag change this will slow you down.

The weapon is a very balanced, comfortable and accurate weapon to carry and shoot.

Having the weapon in a bullpup design it is a very nice size for CQB or drawing the weapon from a car. while still having a full length 17” barrel.

Uses AR-15 magazines.
Full size gun in a small package (Bullpup)

Chamber access is limited.
Magazine doesn’t drop free
No Polymer magazines
COST compared to other .223 or AR-15 type rifles.


Colt SP901 [UPDATE]

Colt SP901 [UPDATE]


Colt SP901 

Colt is working on releasing this new rifle come December 2011. The release dates for this weapon has been changed a few times (April 2011 and August 2011) so we will see if they have it out by Christmas time so Santa can put it in your stocking if you have been a good little shooter this year.

The .308/ 7.62NATO magazine is a P-Mag (SR-25 style magazines).

Top 10 Favorite Rifles

Top 10 Favorite Rifles

This week will be for Top Ten favorites of the Gears of Guns crew. It will be broken up into 4 categories: Rifles, Pistols, Bullet calibers and “other”.

if you have a gun you think we didn’t consider please feel free to share it with us.


The AR-15 is at the top of our list because it is for lack of better wording the ”Barbie” for men. This weapon system is highly customizable to fit the users wants and needs. 

PRO:  The weapon system can be changed to fit the shooter, everything from the caliber to the barrel length, to trigger group, letting the shooter find the perfect combination to fit them.

CON:  Possible malfunctions due to semi-auto action gas system causing them to break. Most of the cons we have for this weapon stems from size of caliber or internal firing mechanisms from different manufacturers.

Remington 700

The Remington Model 700 is number 2 on our list because of it reliability. The weapon has been used by both hunters and snipers. The weapon has been battle proven for years as the M24 Sniper rifle and is an all around a good rifle.

PRO: Multiple calibers and styles to fit the gun to the shooter, the weapon has high accuracy and is designed to last.

CON: Being a bolt action rifle the shooter may have to take their eye off the target to chamber the next round or to reload the 5 round flush magazine.


Knights Armament M110

The M110 is based off of the AR-10 and is a Semi Auto Sniper System (SASS). The rifle fires the .308/7.62NATO cartridge which has an effective range of 800 Meters.

PRO: The weapon is semi-auto letting the shooter acquire the target and keep an eye on the target after they fire the  weapon.

CON: The .308win does not have the range that some of the newer sniper rifles rounds have, such the .338 Lapua or The .408 Chey-Tac and .50 BMG.

Chey-Tac M200 .408 sniper rifle

The Chey-Tac M200 intervention fires the .408 Chey-Tac bullet. This rifle has set its mark in the sniper community as an anti-personnel as well as an anti-material weapon at long range because it has a better ballistics table than the .50 BMG

PRO: Can take out a target at well over 2000 Meters

CON: Same as the Remington 700 in that it is a bolt action.

FN P90

The FN P90 is a killer punch in a tiny package.

PRO: the weapon platform is small allowing for close quarters combat while still carrying upwards of 50 rounds.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.


The M14 is another time proven weapon. This weapon as been in service since 1957 and is still being made. the M14 fires the 7.62NATO round  allowing for the weapon to go from medium range out to long range sniping.

PRO: Semi-auto fire, 7.62NATO round,  800 Meters effective range.

CON: it weighs in at 11 pounds and is not a weapon you could easily use in CQB

H&K G36

Heckler-Koch G36  like the AR-platform lets the shooter customize the weapon to fit how the weapon will be used.

PRO: Reliable and accurate

CON: The weapon only fires the 5.56NATO round which is a small projectile and does not have the stopping power that a .30 caliber projectile has.



FN Herstal SCAR-H MK.17 is similar to the AR. FN makes a few different  versions of the SCAR but the SCAR-H is chambered in the .308/7.62NATO round which has the stopping power and range to take down targets at various ranges.

PRO: quick change barrel and heavy caliber

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.


The AK-47 has been used by militaries the world over. The round is cheap and easy to find and has a better stopping power than the 5.56NATO.

PRO: the weapon works dirty filled with sand and water and keeps firing

CON: the weapon is not as accurate as an AR-15 or other similar weapons.

Ruger 10-22

We couldn’t talk rifles without talking about this .22 LR. this is one of the most well known .22s other there. it has been designed to do one thing and do it well and that is shoot .22s all day long.

PRO: cheap. fun to shoot, easy to find ammo and companies make lots of different stocks to let the user have many different looking guns from a G36 to an AR-15 to double barreled “machine” gun.

CON: If you have a con for this weapon please share it with us.