Top Ten Pistols Pt.1 of 2

Top Ten Pistols Pt.1 of 2

1. Glock 21

The Glock 21 is the top of our list because of reliably and its handling. 

PRO:  Strong, reliable, accurate, has a 13+1 round capacity, easy to take apart and clean.

CON: The 21 is a full size so someone with smaller hands might not have a good grip. It’s not the Ninja Glock. 

2. Browning M1911

The Browning 1911 has been around and proven itself time and time again. This is one of the most design copied guns on the market.  We also did a comparison between the 1911 and the Glock 21 here

PRO: uses a readily available ammo (.45 ACP), durable, time proven and reliable.

CON: 7+1 rounds, more work to disassemble.

3. FN Five-seveN

This weapon is chambered in the 5.7mm round and can hold 20+1 rounds. We post this third because of the 5.7 which the FN P90 is also chambered in letting the shooter carry one caliber for 2 weapons.

PRO: Relatively light weight, 20 round mag and accurate and low recoil.

CON: This 5.7mm is not a common round making the ammo to fire this gun more costly and harder to find. the cost of the gun is relatively high.

4. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX
We couldn’t talk favorites without talking about the Desert Eagle. The Mark XIX can be chambered in .357MAG, .44 MAG and the .50 AE.

PRO: Accurate, good range for a pistol (200 meters)

CON: Ammo is costly and the weapon is larger making the weapon heavier, heavy recoil


It is very clear why the NINJA GLOCK is on our list. it can do anything. but for those who have not used or seen the NINJA GLOCK here are the PROS to the weapon.

PRO: Compact while still able to carry up to 1000 rounds per magazine, comes with spare ninja gear, the range is about 7 miles using the scope.

CONS: makes every other gun worthless. It embarrasses all other guns.

To view this remarkable weapon  in action see the video here.