First Impressions: Kel-Tec SU-16CA

Ah, Kel Tec. Makers of nifty folding rifles and the KSG. I was stoked when I heard that the GEARS crew got to play with one of the first firearms that got me interested in Kel Tec CNC, the SU-16CA. After a few productive hours at the range on Saturday, now comes the time to lay back on the sofa and say “how I feel about it”.

Overall, the SU-16CA was a pleasure to shoot, and I will eventually be following up with a much more thorough review of this very interesting rifle. The first thing that came to my mind when I got my hands on the gun was how amazingly efficient Kel Tec was with space. The magazines both fit into the stock, The fore grip folds out into a bipod, and the whole gun folds up into a tidy little backpack sized package. I really have no substantial complaints thus far with this gun. Of the various (5.56×45).223 magazines we fired from, only one had a failure to feed on the last round, and even though the bipod was a little jumpy on the bench we were firing from, I don’t think that will present a problem from a prone position. The only thing that I wasn’t really crazy about was the charging handle. We had fun with it today. I’ll get back to you once we have tortured it a bit more about whether or not you should go grab one for your backpacking adventures. We are also planning on bringing it to the suppressor shoot this month since it does come with a beautiful threaded bull barrel. Until then, check out the crazy muzzle flash on this guy.